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Top 10 Games to Meet New Friends

Updated: February 25, 2022 • 11 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Looking for the best games where you can meet exciting people and new friends? Check out the following list of great games that can offer you a new way to socialize while playing the games.
 We love games not only because we enjoy the fun gaming experience, but also because we can meet new people and friends while playing games. We collected some of the best games apps you can download on your phone to play games with people from all over the world. You can communicate with your team members with the chat room or through your microphones. So happy gaming!

This article Top 10 Games to Meet New Friends is about multiplayer games. 11 apps are listed below relating to multiplayer games, including PUBG MOBILE, Roblox, Among Us and so on. This article is updated on February 25, 2022.


PUBG Mobile latest version is available to download on APKFab now! PUGB MOBILE is #1 battle royale game on mobile devices. Gather as much resources as you can to beat your opponents and win the chicken dinner!

  • Play solo, duo or in 4-player squads as you like. Join the mode you prefer among variety of choices.
  • Different types of battle maps for you to explore.
  • Delivers HD graphics and 3D sound.

Drop in, gear up, and complete. PUBG MOBILE gives you the most exciting battle royale gameplay experience that you ever had on the mobile phones. Pick any play mode you like and play solo, duo or as a team to win the game! You can play PUGB MOBILE free anywhere and anytime.

Free 8.8 2M+ Reviews 38 alternatives

Roblox is an ultimate multiplayer adventure game that lets you create and build anything you want with millions of players around the world.


  • Roblox supports multiple platforms including computers, mobile phones and Xbox.
  • Explore millions of exciting communities and hang out with your friends around the world in the game online.
  • Create your own avatar with creativity. There are tons of gear, hats, shirts and more for you to choose with no limit.
Among Us
Among Us
Free 7.7 1M+ Reviews 200 alternatives

Play Among Us with 4-10 players to be the crewmates or one imposter. View Among Us review


  • Crewmates need to fix the ship and try to exile the imposter.
  • Discuss with other players to find out who is the imposter.
  • Imposter needs to use sabotage to cause chaos and avoid being identified.

Modern Combat 5 is one of the best FPS where you can choose from over 10 classes that match your play style with stunning graphics and amazing bgm.


  • Play alone or create your squad to compete in multiplayer mode.
  • Activate specific skills by earning Skill Points.
  • Customize and upgrade your weapons to perfection with different attachments.
Breed, collect and feed monsters... Then fight in PvP battles! All in one game

Summoners War is a hot role-playing game where your mission is to summon monsters to fight together over the Mana Crystals.


  • Assemble your team of the strongest monsters for victory.
  • Unlock and awaken over 1000 monsters to defeat dungeon bosses.
  • Battle against other summoners in the real-time PvP battles.
6.99 9.1 152K+ Reviews 151 alternatives

Explore the amazing randomly generated worlds of Minecraft, and build everything from small houses to fabulous castles to show your craft skills.


  • Get unlimited resources in the creative mode.
  • Craft weapons, search for supplies and fight against dangerous mobs in the survival mode.
  • Play with friends even you are using different mobile or laptop devices.

League of Legends: Wild Rift finally comes to mobile! Download LoL: Wild Rift on mobile without region limit on APKFab. View League of Legends: Wild Rift review


  • Step into the past-paced 5v5 battles with your friends and destroy the enemy Nexus.
  • Select your character from over 40 different champions including Garen, Jinx Lux and more.
  • Customize your champion with various styles of skins and decorations.
  • Compete in Ranked battles and climb to the leaderboard.
Free 7.1 55K+ Reviews 194 alternatives

Take a step into Vainglory's fantastical arenas, and meet their 48 playable heroes with incredible graphics.


  • Choose from over 48 heroes with different special combos and play styles.
  • Multiple gameplay modes to choose from, either casual or intense, it's up to you.
  • Team up with players around the world.
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