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Among Us Review – A Multiplayer Social Deception Game to Play with Friends
Updated: August 20, 2021

Among Us Review – A Multiplayer Social Deception Game to Play with Friends

Among Us
Among Us

Join your crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal!

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Among Us, like Trouble in Terrorist Town and Werewolf, is a social deception game developed by InnerSloth in 2018. Although the game has been out for about two years, it finally gains its huge popularity recently due to its social elements and addicting gameplay. Among Us is also a multiplayer game and can be played with 4 to 10 players online or via local WIFI. If you and your friends are still following the stay-at-home orders, this adventure game can help you connect with each other online, get rid of the boredom, and have some fun!

You start out in a spaceship with other players before you enter the game. Players are either crewmates or impostors. Crewmates' job is to navigate the map, complete different tasks, and try to find who are the impostors. Impostors blend with crewmates and pretend to be innocent people who are busy doing tasks, while the real goal is to kill all of the Crew without being caught.

Crewmates can win the game if they complete all the assigned tasks or find the hidden impostor. If you are the impostor, all you need to do is to kill all the crewmates with your superb acting skills. The game is now available on Android and IOS devices. If you want the PC version, you need to purchase it on Steam.

Game Controls

Among Us Review

While Android and IOS users can use the touchscreen to move the character and interact smoothly in the game if you're playing Among Us on PC, you can use the corresponding keys to navigate the map and perform tasks. The game also has a detailed guide for first-time players and a personal map while navigating the map. These features will help players get to know the game fast and explore the maps more efficiently.


Among Us Review

Among Us features a cute cartoon style. The download size of the game is about 70 MB, making it a quick and easy download. The game runs smoothly on both mobile devices and computers. It’s just a little laggy when you finish a game and want to start a new round. It remains a black screen sometimes and cannot exit the current game.

Customizable settings and different maps

Among Us Review

host a new game, you have the controls of how the game plays and can customize a handful of options like maps, numbers of impostors, max players, players speed, and many more. There are three different maps (The Skeld, Polus, and MIRA HQ) for players to explore, and each map comes with different tasks. You can also style your character with hats, skin, and other accessories. These features add a lot of variety into this game and make it more enjoyable.

Different tasks to keep players busy and entertained

Among Us Review

The goal of the crewmates is not just to find the impostors to win the game. During their navigation around the map, they actually have some tasks to do rather than walking around and waiting for attackers. Even if they are killed, they don't have to be kicked out of the game. They can still play as Ghosts, keep themselves busy, and help their crewmates by running their unfinished tasks.

Discuss & voting system to keep players engaged

Among Us Review

When someone discovers the dead body or they have already known who are the impostors, then they can go into the discussion phase. Since all players, no matter the dead or alive, crewmates or imposters, need to stay mute when they're navigating the map, now in the discussion phase, they can talk freely about the information they have and discuss who is likely to be the impostor. If you are playing with friends in a Private Room, this phase really tests your friendship. Impostors will try to defend themselves while innocent crewmates may get accused by other confused players. It's the most fun part of the game. The game not only requires you to become an explorer, but also a detective. After the discussion, all players need to vote for the potential impostors, and the player with the most votes will be ejected from the game.

Mechanical System 8.5
Game Elements 8.0
Graphics & UI 7.0
Controls 7.0
Music 8.0
Overall Score 7.7


If you are a fan of social deception games, Among Us wouldn’t disappoint you, especially it’s the time when most of the people are experiencing the lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The game combines mini-games and fun multiplayer social elements and is a quality game to gather friends together and have some fun!


  • Play with friends or other players around the world.
  • Customizable characters and game options.
  • In-game text chat.
  • Cross-platform play between PC, Android, and IOS.


  • No awards system.
  • Bugs and lags.