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Top 10 Games Apps to Meet New Friends

更新於: 2021年02月08日 • 包含10個應用 • 推薦應用

Looking for the best games where you can meet exciting people and new friends? Check out the following list of great games that can offer you a new way to socialize while playing the games.
 We love games not only because we enjoy the fun gaming experience, but also because we can meet new people and friends while playing games. We collected some of the best games apps you can download on your phone to play games with people from all over the world. You can communicate with your team members with the chat room or through your microphones. So happy gaming!

這篇文章Top 10 Games Apps to Meet New Friends是關於Meet New People。10個和Meet New People相關的應用在以下列表中展示,包含‎PUBG MOBILE: ARCANE, Roblox, Among Us等等。文章更新時間為2021年02月08日。


PUGB MOBILE 是移動設備上排名第一的大逃殺遊戲。收集盡可能多的資源來擊敗對手並贏得雞肉晚餐!

  • 隨心所欲地玩單人、雙人或四人小分隊。
  • 在多種選擇中選擇您最喜歡的模式。
  • 不同類型的戰斗地圖供您探索。
  • 提供高清圖形和3D聲音。
Roblox allows you to create games, build whatever you want with lego-like bricks, play other games made by users of the community, and even participate in the economy by trading, selling, buying, and collecting items.
War… War never changes...Oh, wait, wrong game. In the fifth iteration of Modern Combat by the developers from Gameloft, war has evolved.
Team players who love playing online will have a huge kick from playing the intense action from the multiplayer mode. But for those who prefer to work alone, this game still offers a lot of fun. You can choose between 9 classes with unique skills that will match your playstyle. Choose between: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, or Kommander. There are also class specific skills to activate by earning and spending Skill Points.
This game has a unified game progression that allows you to accumulate your XP and level up by playing both solo play missions and team matches. You can then customize your weapons to perfection with different attachments.
With great graphics, amazing music, and commendable voice performances, it’s hard to believe that this game is totally free. This game receives a Playscore of 8.07
繁殖、收集和餵養怪物……然後在 PvP 戰鬥中戰鬥!全在一場比賽
Next on our list is a role playing game that puts you in a world that is fighting over the Mana Crystals. There are over 1000 monsters you can summon to fight for you. Form an unstoppable guild with other players in this game that has a Playscore of 8.13
With the Better Together update, you can now play Minecraft on your phone with your friends even if they are playing from other devices. Explore the amazing randomly generated worlds of Minecraft, and build some cool stuff together! This game has a Playscore of 8.15
While Vainglory has enjoyed an almost royal reception with its polished, scaled-down version of the PC online battle arenas, it looks like they’ve been one upped on the Android platform. Released on the iOS just last 2014, Vainglory has been at the center of the mobile adaptations. With its three year run, it has managed to gather millions of fans, with hundreds of twitch streams solely dedicated to their gameplay and tournaments. Distilling the complicated genre into a fantastic mobile experience, the game comes complete with balanced heroes, tight controls, and gorgeous visuals.
But, not only is it a technical success, it’s also a visual treat. Take a step into their fantastical arenas, and meet their over 30 playable heroes. As small as it is, their map and their diverse lineup gives players thousands of possibilities, making each game unique and enjoyable. Farm the jungles with your lategame damage dealers, or control the lanes with powerful spellcasters and supports. Along with their mobile optimized team communication, strategizing is a breeze, putting it up to par with Dota and League of Legends.
It's a masterpiece on its own, showing the world how mobile games should be done. For MOBA veterans looking for a competitive pocket-friendly diversion, Vainglory is as good as it gets. It receives a PlayScore of 8.41.
透過官方的 Warframe 手機應用程式來在忙碌或閒暇之餘與 Warframe 保持連接!