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Top 10 of Open World Games

Updated: November 16, 2021 • 10 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Better game experience in open-world.

Open-world games play like a sandbox, so you will never build the same sandcastle every time. That's called replayability. Owing to its exhilarating high-speed action through manual operation in battle, the Tower of Fantasy is so popular. Some interesting open-world games recommended for you.

This article Top 10 of Open World Games is about open-world games. 10 apps are listed below relating to open-world games, including Genshin Impact 3rd Anniversary, Summoners War, State of Survival: Zombie War and so on. This article is updated on November 16, 2021.


Genshin Impact is a free JRPG game with stunning art style and great storyline, and it can be played on cross platforms. View Genshin Impact review


  • Climb any mountain, swim across any river, and glide over the world.
  • Collect the seven elements to unleash elemental reactions. Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo interact in all sorts of ways, and Vision wielders have the power to turn this to their advantage.
  • Enjoy the beautiful sounds of Teyvat performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra while exploring the world.
  • Cross-platform support for the co-op content which is unlocked at level 16.

Summoners War is a hot role-playing game where your mission is to summon monsters to fight together over the Mana Crystals.


  • Assemble your team of the strongest monsters for victory.
  • Unlock and awaken over 1000 monsters to defeat dungeon bosses.
  • Battle against other summoners in the real-time PvP battles.
State of Survival: Zombie War
State of Survival: Zombie War
Free 8.7 152K+ Reviews 200 alternatives

Will the Joker's arrival be a surprise for good or bad? Find out more in the event!


  • A new shooting survival multiplayer! Build a strategy and create your own story.
  • You can plant a bomb or shoot the zombies in this strategy survival game! Gather gold, coins, and anything necessary to survive in this destructive time.
  • In the absence of the military, build up your settlement to form a safe haven for your survivors and the foundation for your post-apocalyptic zombie world.
6.99 9.1 152K+ Reviews 151 alternatives

Explore the amazing randomly generated worlds of Minecraft, and build everything from small houses to fabulous castles to show your craft skills.


  • Get unlimited resources in the creative mode.
  • Craft weapons, search for supplies and fight against dangerous mobs in the survival mode.
  • Play with friends even you are using different mobile or laptop devices.
Batman Arkham Origins
Batman Arkham Origins
Free 8.7 60K+ Reviews
Batman: Arkham is a series of action-adventure video games based on the DC Comics character Batman, developed by Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros.

Magic: Puzzle Quest is a hybrid RPG mixed with match-3 puzzles and the essential cardgame elements.


  • Battle in match-3 war to collect power to cast spells.
  • collect new cards and build powerful decks.
  • Join a Coalition and battle against epic boss.

Track and slay beasts living around you.


  • Augmented reality battlegrounds: You can find monsters down the street from your home.
  • Proof of a monster slayer: Kill as many monsters and collect trophies.
  • Dangerous quests that lead you into a dark fantasy world.

A 3D immersive open-world handheld game!


  • About scenes: Upgrade art performance and scene atmosphere to be more authentic.
  • About characters: Upgrade characters modeling to be more dynamic and colourful with weapons.
  • In a post-apocalyptic story of rescue and destruction, it creates a 2500*2500 seamless world that includes motion capture system, various scenes interaction and much more.
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