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In less than 30min, you can reduce stress, relax deeply, and start healing yourself. You can start benefiting from Yoga Nidra, an authentic yogic technique rooted in tradition and proven by science. No experience necessary. Welcome!
This app does not collect, store, share, or sell your data or compromise your privacy. You will never be subjected to any ads either, not even in the free version! Your support is what keeps it running. But before you buy the single in-app purchase that unlocks tracks 2 and 3, please:
- Read the full description to see if it fits your needs.
- Test the app, the settings, and the free track thoroughly for your device/OS combination. Ensure that the device is running the latest OS version.
- Ensure that the device has no unresolved memory issues or large, memory-hogging apps running in the background.
The Sanskrit word 'yoga' means union or perfect awareness, and 'nidra' means sleep. In other words: Under guided instructions, you enter a state of deep relaxation with awareness, creating a unique and powerful state of consciousness that has beneficial applications. You are in charge of your experience at all times.
- Relaxes deeply
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Reduces mild depression
- Reduces pain and dependency on drugs
- Reduces addictions
- Provides relief from insomnia and improves quality of sleep
- Improves clarity of thought and memory
- Improves learning capacity and acquisition of new skills
- Improves overall health and healing
...and others
You will get better results with regular and consistent practice. It is not, however, intended to replace qualified medical advice and/or treatment.
❧ Track 01: Gentle Relaxation (10:50) FREE!
This is a quick, safe, simple, effective practice for gentle relaxation and anytime reset. Preparation ➝ Bodyscan ➝ Externalisation. Safe for beginners, kids, and those with special needs. If you are a beginner, if you are experienced but short on time, if you are stressed, if you want to slip into relaxation effortlessly, if you want to get back into practice, if you want to build up to longer and deeper nidras, this is for you. You can even do this one sitting up!
❧ Track 02: Deep Relaxation (24:35) (In-app purchase)
This is a longer practice that takes you safely and systematically through eight stages to a state of deep relaxation. Friendly to beginners, kids, and those with special needs. If you want a thorough reset, if you want the full experience regularly, if you want to develop habitual relaxation, if you want to build up to longer and deeper nidras with full awareness, this is for you. If you want to build a practice, start with track 1 and then slowly add track 2, even at different times on the same day.
❧ Track 03: Deep Healing and Energising (31:28) (In-app purchase)
The longest practice, this takes you safely and systematically through eight traditional stages to a state of deep healing and energising. It visualises the seed syllables of the Sanskrit alphabet at the cakras, the psychic-energetic centres of the body — an authentic tantric practice called mātṛkā nyāsa, the original practice from which the rotation of consciousness in contemporary nidra is derived. You may use it regularly — after some practice with tracks 1 and 2 — to create deep healing and energising effects, for exploring the layers of the mind, and for your own spiritual work.
- Use at your discretion if you face severe clinical depression or other challenging mental health conditions. However, it may help relieve mild conditions.
- Do not use while driving or operating machinery. You may fall asleep.
For more information or questions about yoga nidra or the app, technical issues, or bug reports, please write to me at [email protected].
Refunds are possible only within 48 hours of purchase under normal circumstances.

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