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Top 10 RPG Gacha Games for Android

Updated: October 5, 2020 • 11 Apps listed • Recommend an App

View the best gacha games and RPG games for Android.
This article Top 10 RPG Gacha Games for Android is about RPG Gacha games. 11 apps are listed below relating to RPG Gacha games, including FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, Genshin Impact, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and so on. This article is updated on October 5, 2020.

Gacha games have been one of the most popular game genres nowadays. Gacha games have the Gacha mechanics where you can receive rewards like new characters, costumes and resources from a toy-vending machine. To pull a Gacha, you need either the in-game currency or the real money. Here below are some of the best RPG Gacha games for Android.


FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is a new story about crystals. Your mission is saving the princess trapped in a crystal with Raine and Lasswell.


  • Experience the classic RPG game and continue the story of Final Fantasy.
  • Start an adventure with the characters in the story.
  • Heroes can be promoted to higher levels and have more skills.
    Genshin Impact
    Genshin Impact
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    Genshin Impact is a free JRPG game with stunning art style and great storyline, and it can be played on cross platforms.


    • Stunning art style and great voice acting.
    • Smooth movement controls.
    • Support cross-platform play.

    Enjoy the exciting adventure in this story-driven RPG strategy game.


    • Combine unique skills of the characters to defeat opponents.
    • Team up with friends in the intense PVP arena to battle against players around the world.
    • Original characters and voices from the anime.

    BLEACH Brave Souls - 3D Action is a smartphone 3D action game which takes on the joys of the hack and slash genre. It’s based on the mega-hit manga and anime Bleach, and it is listed in Top 10 Anime Games for Android.


    • Enjoy the beautifully portrayed 3D graphics.
    • Choose single or multiplayer game modes. You can battle against players from around the world.
    • Each Bleach character's unique special moves are fully voiced by the original Japanese anime voice actors.
    An ideal Naval Warfare game like you always imagined!

    Dragalia Lost is a Nintendo RPG released for the mobile devices. Enjoy the beautiful animation with a captivating musical score!


    • Customize your heroes from more than 60 characters with different weapons.
    • Intuitive controls. Use the arrow keys and fight key to win the battle.
    • Beautiful BGM made from Japanese famous artist Daoko.
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    Through the darkness, we see light
    This is a story about taking back our future! Who's ready for Fate/Grand Order?!
    Tales of Erin X Blazblue Collaboration, Here comes a new challenger!
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