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Best 10 Android Survival Games

Updated: May 7, 2021 • 11 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Fans of survival films and games, make sure you check our recommendation of the best 10 survival games!
This article Best 10 Android Survival Games is about survival games. 11 apps are listed below relating to survival games, including The Walking Dead: Survivors, PUBG MOBILE HUNDRED RHYTHMS, Last Day on Earth: Survival and so on. This article is updated on May 7, 2021.
We are always reminded that doomsday could come soon if we keep ignoring the environment. Zombies and lack of supplies, which have so far only occurred in films and games, could become reality. Here we curated for you this collection of the best 10 survival games on Android, so that you can experience by yourself the fear and despair on doomsday and in turn value every living moment.

Play the Walking Dead: Survivors and survive with your favorite characters in TWD series!


  • An official game of survival based on TWD series.
  • Build your settlement, upgrade your defenses, gather supplies and fight the walkers.
  • Explore the area and enlarge your settlement to gain more supplies.
  • Join a Clan and team up with other players.

PUGB MOBILE is #1 battle royale game on mobile devices. Gather as much resources as you can to beat your opponents and win the chicken dinner!

  • Play solo, duo or in 4-player squads as you like. Join the mode you prefer among variety of choices.
  • Different types of battle maps for you to explore.
  • Delivers HD graphics and 3D sound.

In Last Day on Earth: Survival, you need to try your best to survive from the zombies in the world of 2027, where the unknown infection has destroyed almost all the human beings.


  • Collect resources for crafting and equip yourself with weapons to kill zombies.
  • Interact with other players when you enter an online location after passing the wall on the west of the map.
  • Upgrade your hero and equip your house to fight against other survivors.

Play as Lee Everett in the five part game series of The Walking Dead: Season One and fight against the undead. Be careful, the choices you make will change the story around you.


  • Enjoy the immersive gameplay and great storyline.
  • Including five parts plus special episodes '400 Days'.
  • Protect the orphan Clementine will offer players redemption in a world gone to hell.
Identity V is the first asymmetrical horror mobile game developedby NetEase. With a gothic art style, mysterious storylines and an exciting 1vs4gameplay.

Jump into this Jurassic-era world with 80 dinosaurs and start your adventure!


  • Explore the massive landscape and gather resources to survive on this island.
  • Craft your tools to build shelters, villages and even cities.
  • Play alone or group with hundreds of other players around the world.
Survival games: try to stay alive on raft, craft weapons, get food!
Survive in apocalyptic USSR & escape deadly virus in multiplayer survival game ☠
Mobile Survival Game in a post virus apocalyptic world.
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