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The Walking Dead: Survivors Review
Updated: May 6, 2021

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

TWD: Survivors
TWD: Survivors

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The Walking Dead: Survivors is based on TV series of the same name. Similar to characters in the show, players of the game do everything to build their settlement, kill walkers, scavenge for supplies, or even attack other settlements to plunder  supplies.

Technically speaking, The Walking Dead: Survivors is a SLG game instead of an action one. Your main task is to build, enlarge, and defend your settlement. To do this, you need to have enough supplies and construct different facilities like hospitals and training fields. There’s also PVE and PVP part of the game. For instance, in Settlement Siege, you battle against waves of walkers who try to invade and destroy your settlement. Victory is not easy: you have to keep improving your survivors and buildings to defend your settlement.

Build and Enlarge Your Settlement

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

The settlement is essential in the game, because it is where you produce supplies, train fighters, and radio new survivors. Your daily work is mainly done in the settlement.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

Different buildings have different functions. Among them, Town Hall is the lifeline. As you upgrade it, you can unlock new buildings and unexplored territory, which in turn make your settlement less prone to destruction when attacked.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

Other buildings mainly fall into four categories: development, resources, fighting and defense. Development buildings include Worker’s Cabin, whose number determines how many workers you can have to construct and upgrade buildings. Resources buildings such as Farm, Well, Lumber Yard, and Gun Shop produce supplies. Stable, Police Station and other fighting buildings help you train more fighters with different specialties. Defense buildings like Defense Tower and Wall protect your settlement and survivors from dead and live invaders.

The higher level your buildings are at, the more capable they are. Make sure you have enough tomatoes and lumbers to construct and upgrade your buildings.

Settlement Siege: Eradicate Dead Invaders

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

In Settlement Siege, your settlement will be invaded by waves of walkers and you need to beat them within limited time by arranging your survivors wisely. Several factors determine whether you succeed in defending your settlement or not, including the level of your combating survivors, their speciality, the level and position of your Defense Tower, and the level of walkers.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

In the first several days of Chapter 1, you may find it easy to eradicate all walkers: you just place any survivor anywhere in turn and you win. But this strategy doesn’t work out anymore on later days. You have to play smart, otherwise you lose. This means you need to figure out whether your survivors combat or heal, whether they are long-range or short-range, and the position and order to place them, maximizing your chances of winning.

Join a Clan to Be Stronger and More Connected

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

Other than PVE part of the game, you can also team up with other players by joining a clan. Clan members join hands in rallying against Woodbury Army or help each other to build or upgrade buildings more quickly. You may meet friends from different countries and regions speaking different language, but don’t worry, the game provides a built-in translator so you can understand each other.

After your Town Hall is at or above level 8, your settlement can be attacked by walkers and other invaders, which may result in loss of supplies. Of course, you can attack other settlements, too.

Use Tasks as a Guide

The Walking Dead: Survivors Review

The Walking Dead: Survivors is beginner-friendly, so don’t worry if you have never played similar games. Tasks serve as a guide that tells you what to do when you are confused. Just do what is listed in the task list and you’ll soon get the hang of the game.


At the beginning, the game is addictive and brainless. Nearly every minute you are busy either assigning tasks to survivors, upgrading your buildings, scavenging for supplies, claiming rewards, or beating walkers. It’s so easy to level up by just finishing tasks that you don’t have to spare a thought about how to play it smart. But as you level up, it becomes difficult to complete chapter tasks or defeat walkers in Settlement Siege. What you need then is mind work. As the one in charge, you need to get a deeper understanding of survivors and their strengths and weaknesses, cultivate them, and assign them to tasks that need them most.

Overall, as a fan of the Walking Dead TV series, I met familiar survivors such as Rick, Carl, and Carol in the game, which evokes good memory. Even if you have never watched the show, The Walking Dead: Survivors is still worthy of playing. It has simple gameplay, realistic graphics, and a clear storyline. But make sure you don’t get too addicted in playing the game to focus on your life!


  • Simple gameplay
  • A clear and familiar storyline
  • Mind work is needed to play the game well


  • The game is might be too addictive