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Tensura King of Monsters Review – Decent Animation Design yet Remaining Lots of Bugs
Updated: January 28, 2021

Tensura King of Monsters Review – Decent Animation Design yet Remaining Lots of Bugs

Tensura:King of Monsters
Tensura:King of Monsters

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Tensura: King of Monsters is a newly released gacha RPG featuring classic Japanese art design and decent animations. The anime plot is quite entertaining, although the translation is kind of rough. You play as a cute slime that is going to eat the leader upon her death wish. Then the slime will have the leader inside its body and inherit her skills and power to defeat waves of incoming monsters with her allies. How weird and surprising beginning of a story it is!

Summon Characters each with their unique appearance and skills

Tensura King of Monsters Review

Most characters in Tensura: King of Monsters are not cute at all as they have horns and fangs. You can summon heroes with summon tickets, but in this game the summon tickets are not provided frequently enough, and summon rate for an S tier hero is quite low. While the stages are very hard to proceed without S tier heroes, hope in the future update the developers can improve the rate for better heroes.

Tensura King of Monsters Review

There are many ways to enhance your characters’ stats. For instance, you can upgrade the hero’s level directly, or breakthrough to increase the max level limit. Apart from that, you can equip and enhance gear on the characters to increase their ATK power. Last but not least, there is an advance system in which you can spend some hero shards to advance your character’s star level and unlock new skills.

Tensura King of Monsters Review

Advancing each character requires different advance material. The higher star level of the hero you want to advance to, the better advance material it requires. If you get confused in the advance system, you can simply click the Smart Advance button to let the system choose the shards for you to complete the advance procedure.

Defeat enemies in Adventure to earn special rewards

Tensura King of Monsters Review

Tensura: King of Monsters doesn’t have PvP mode for now. You will start your adventure from the Story Mode. While you clear more stages, you can unlock more game modes to obtain various special rewards. In Resource Mode you can choose to get silver coins or EXP as reward when you defeat enemies. In subjugation you can get different kinds of gear to equip the characters.

Tensura King of Monsters Review

Before each battle starts, you can form the battle array to deploy the strongest heroes in your team and set the battle queue according to their position. Don’t forget to equip Rimuru Core to enhance skill power.

Tensura King of Monsters Review

Once a character’s special skill is ready, you can click its avatar to release it. Every round you get a set amount of mana which is used to summon special skills. Once the mana is used up, all your characters cannot perform special skills at that round.

  Tensura King of Monsters Review

After you clear chapter 3-8 in General Stage Mode, the Elite Stage Mode will be unlocked. In Elite stages you can get more special items after you win the battles.

Apart from getting rewards from combats, you can also claim rewards in quests and events every day.


Tensura King of Monsters Review

Tensura: King of Monsters has nice gameplay and great character designs, but it still has too many bugs to be fixed. The game has crashes for so many times even during battles, which wastes the Magicule that were spent to start the combat. And currently there is no PvP mode, so you cannot play it with your friends. After all, it is just an open beta test. Hope the developers can fix all these bugs and improve the gameplay for better experience.


  • Great character design and decent animations


  • Seems unfinished and crashes a lot
  • Poor translation
  • No pvp mode yet
  • Low rate to summon high tier heroes
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