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First Impression on Rainbow Story Global
Updated: March 25, 2022

First Impression on Rainbow Story Global

Rainbow Story Global, provided by EskyfunUSA, is a new fantasy Action RPG game in 2022. It will be the best choice for some players who want to play RPGs without too much money and energy.


From the outset, Rainbow Story Global gave me a deep impression of its game setting and characters. On the one hand, the most important point players should know is that it supports Auto-play Mode. If you prefer to relax your mind rather than indulge in thrilling games, Rainbow Story Global is almost a great game. On the other hand, cute characters and enjoyable visuals will bring players healing feelings.

Although Rainbow Story Global is not a truely action game, it still has a grown and detailed setting whatever in weapons or monsters.

Rainbow Story Global Review

Overview: Gaming Mode

Before entering the game, players can customize three unique heroes separately from Mage, Swordsman and Archer. You have to notice that each character needs to finish their own tasks, and these tasks almost have the same setting and monsters. This seems like a small shortage.

Plus, Rainbow Story Global supports Auto-battle and Manual. Owing to its "tap-attack" mode, Auto is very helpful to free your hands when you feel tired.

Rainbow Story Global Review

Game Visuals and Graphics

More features are shown in other aspects. Visuals is the first one. Just like other RPGs, Rainbow Story Global has great character customization and fighting background. It does not seem like an action RPG, but an adventure for fairy. Monsters are not scary, because most of them are pink pigs, cute polar bears and chicks. You will totally indulge in this cartoon-like animation.

Rainbow Story Global Review


Attributes refer to your character's stats, which is a necessary part in Rainbow Story Global. By clicking on your avatar, you can see the basic overview of your heroes' attributes. The list that includes attack, defense, accuracy, crit, and dodge is aim to show you your primary attributes.

Rainbow Story Global Review

More Details Players Should Know

-Some trivial features we think players should notice.

-The square is like a side-scrolling style and its main purpose is to provide a global online chatting room.

-What's more, Rainbow Story Global currently only provides an English version. Players who use other languages may need to wait for a while.

Rainbow Story Global Review

Rainbow Story Global Redeem Codes


-Code Gift: 500 Pearls, 3 Starp Stone, 3 Starup Small Angel and 2 Pet Recruiting Ticket (New)

So, how to redeem Rainbow Story Global codes? Follow us!

- Open Rainbow Story Global

- Tap the "square menu"

- Press the "cog icon"

- Head over to the codes tab

- Enter your code and press confirm


Rainbow Story Global is a cute and funny RPG action game and supports Auto-Attack mode. It is not a pay-to-win game right now, so enjoy it totally. The game provides so many equipment, items and materials while you're fighting. Thus, it’s so happy to equip different weapons or wear various clothes.


  • Auto-attack mode
  • Delicate and cute visuals and graphics


  • Lack of thrilling feelings
  • Complete too long quests at a time
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