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PUBG: New State Coming on Nov.11
Updated: November 16, 2021

PUBG: New State Coming on Nov.11


PUBG: NEW STATE offers the original battle royale experience of PUBG on mobile

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PUBG: New State will be released on November 11, 2021. The game is set in 2051 where the world will be in an anarchy after losing control of the government. In this terrible environment, conflicts will  explode in a city called Troi. Check out the following trailer to get more details about PUBG: New State.

Next-Gen Realistic Graphics on Mobile

To provide the most authentic game experience, PUBG: New State makes great efforts to do graphics. The graphics is divided into three main parts: graphic rendering, mobile CPU and GPU optimization, and GPU API. For example, in graphic rendering, our game players will enjoy the awesome 8km×8km open world that is filled with featured signs and picturesque landscape.

PUBG: New State Coming on Nov.11-screenshot1

Main Changes in the PUBG: New State

The main changes are from three parts: driving, guns and characters.

For driving, in 2051, the game will offer kinds of new vehicles, search drones and shields. Drones deliver items in a box they carry. It takes some time for the item to arrive. Once delivered, you can locate it by looking for the ping marker on the map. Moreover, tapping the "Door" button near a car opens a door, which you can take cover behind while in combat.The door will break after taking a certain amount of damage.

PUBG: New State Coming on Nov.11-screenshot2

The second part is weapon customization. In the PUBG: New State, almost all main weapons can be modified by players to offer an optimum choice during combats. Weapons can be customized once only.

Some differences are also seen in Green flare gun and recruit system. The Green Flare Gun allows you to bring back one of your dead teammates. Only teammates who have been dead for more than 90 seconds can be redeployed. After a certain point in the match, the Green Flare Gun will no longer work. For recruit system, you can recruit players from other teams when your team is getting smaller and smaller. Of course, they can decide whether or not to join your team.

PUBG: New State Coming on Nov.11-screenshot3

Speaking of costume, apart from former functions, PUBG: New State supports overlays to create unique and personalized characters.

PUBG: New State Coming on Nov.11-screenshot4

Game Modes

Besides the former MOBA and FPS features, the new version supports team knockout. Players will experience kinds of weapons and improve their skills at a symmetrical station.

PUBG: New State Coming on Nov.11-screenshot5

We believe everyone can’t wait to join the new battleground. Download PUBG: New State on APKFab and enjoy the new game modes with your friends! You can also follow the official Twitter account below to get updates of PUBG: New State at first hand.

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