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even mastering some knitting motifs or knitting knitting patterns for what you need to master it because with one knitting pattern you can already produce various knits of beautiful and unique wool yarn such as: knitted scarves or knitted hat knives, knitted bags, knitwear, and other knitted types
As the name implies the knitting knitting pattern is often used to make the basic motifs or shapes of a knit but do not close the possibility of these knitted products coupled with other basic puncture type to produce a unique and more beautiful knitwear.
Actually knitting knitted motifs there are dozens of different characteristics and characteristics of this but some of these kinds of knitted motifs are fairly simple and easy to make compared with other knitting patterns so you do not have to worry about not able to master it even for beginner knit
1. Checkerboard stitch
This knitting knitting pattern is synonymous with combining two different colored knitting yarn to make the plaid pattern like a chess board more obvious but you can still use one type of knitting yarn especially during the knitting learning process even though wearing one kind of knitting yarn is still shaped boxes like chessboard.
2. Stockinette stitch
Stitch stitch patterns usually form elongated lines suitable for use in hand-made rectangular or rectangular knitwear such as tablecloths, knitted quilts, scarves or scrafts or knitted baby aprons
3. Garder stitch
Knitting garder stitch knit pattern is best suited by beginner knitter especially for those who are just learning how to make knitting pattern article of knitting motif this one only wear one kind of knitting basic skirt
4. Seed stitch
As the name implies this knit motif produces small ridges lined up like small seeds of seed stitch pattern is suitable for knitting or scarf knitting because this knitting pattern produces the same knit between the front and rear
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