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Most Dragon Ball Z characters can be drawn using these basic shapes and proportions. Dragon Ball Z characters all have similarly constructed faces: they have large foreheads, slanted, triangular eyes, and small lower faces. Once you see how the basic face is proportioned, it should be easier to draw whichever character you like.
This Apps is a step by step instruction which will teach you How to Drawing Dragon Ball Z Characters. Like a personal art teacher, it will teach you how to draw dozens of different objects step by step and create amazing design, you can choose a character that you like and start to draw it.
start with this app, just grap a paper and a pencil, choose your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters
DBZ Drawing is intended for all ages and levels, so do not worry if you are a beginner or already have an advanced level, bound to find some trick that you do not know. Take the lesson of drawing considering your artistic skills and advance your level of drawing!
Do you like DBZ characters? Do you like drawing ? You tried to draw DBZ Character on your own but you didn’t succeed? Don’t worry, DBZ Drawing is your application. You'll learn how to draw DBZ characters easily in a fun way and Step by step, at your own way and with the most amazing details.
Step 1. Begin to draw a circle to its head and then add the flip guidelines. Draw a neckline and then circle another to its trunk. From the trunk shape add the tip lines to the arms and legs.
Step 2. Now that the guidelines are drawn out you can start drawing crazy style famous hair. Next, draw the jaw and chin shape with his son like the ears. Start drawing the features of his shirt from the training outfit and then the lower inner legs. Finally he drew to the shape of his feet.
Step 3. Goku is very easy to draw All you have to do here is add a large friendly eyeshadow shape then finish the liner for his clothes as seen here. You will now need to draw out his arms and then add details to the shoes and form his wristband bands.
Step 4.Wow, how awesome the Goku child is going out! The next thing you will do is draw the barbed line of remaining shapes for his hair and then add the details to his chest. Details and identification of his suit which includes training and belt. Add lines to the wrinkle bands of his wristband then add wrinkles lines to the bottom of his pants.
Step 5. The last step. All you have to do is first erase all the guidelines and shapes that you face in one step. Add detail inside his ears and a little more detail to his clothes.
Step 6. Once done you have to end up with a drawing like the ones you see here. Is the color all you have to do now for him and you have just completed this tutorial on how to draw Goku Baby Dragon Z Z from step by step.
Here are some sample drawing lessons in this app:
- How to draw Goku Super Saiyan
- How to Draw SSJ Vegeta
- How to Draw Piccolo
- How to Draw Gogeta
- How to Draw Teen Gohan
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