Treep. What to do? Self-development & motivation.

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Treep. What to do? Self-development & motivation. Treep. What to do? Self-development & motivation.
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Treep(包名:ai.treep)開發者是Stapp LLC,Treep的最新版本3.12.0更新時間為2021年09月20日。Treep. What to do? Self-development & motivation.的分類是生活品味。您可以查看Treep. What to do? Self-development & motivation.的開發者下的所有應用並找到Treep. What to do? Self-development & motivation.在安卓上的134個相似應用。目前這個應用免費。該應用可以從APKFab或Google Play下載到Android 5.1+。APKFab.com的所有APK/XAPK文檔都是原始文檔並且100%安全下載的資源。
Treep will help answer the question what to do by choosing interesting actions from thousands of tasks: write a lovely message to your parents, meet the sunrise in a new place, buy coffee for a stranger, learn a few words in a random language, master a new skill and much more!
★ Completely Free!
Everything you need for self-development is collected in one app: increasing motivation, tasks, exercises for developing creativity, finding a hobby, a lot of answers to the questions where to go and what to do.
All possible actions are organized as cards. By the usual scrolling through an endless pile for a few minutes, you can find the right idea for any group, any mood, any time!
You can also specify the number of friends, available budget, vacation spot, and mood. The service will offer the most exciting activities that can make your day bright and unforgettable!
★ Treep can be used for:
• Self-development
• Increase motivation
• Search for lifehacks
• Complete interesting tasks
• Finding decisions where to go, what to do
• Company search
• Creativity training
• Choosing a hobby
• Planning your evening break and weekend
• Travel and travel planning
The main thing is to be open to everything new and say YES as often as possible!
★ Self-development through getting skills:
Skills in the Treep are a predetermined sequence of actions that must be followed to receive a reward. As a rule, it is enough to set aside 30 minutes to move forward every day or two. The tasks are selected so that in the process of their implementation, it would be possible to learn something new and consolidate it in practice.
Available topics: finance, management, dance, cooking, movies, ecology, board games, self-control, and much more!
Trying something new is always moving forward, giving new emotions to yourself, your loved ones, and everyone around you!
★ About the Treep Mission:
Each of us is shaped by our experience: even small events leave their mark for a lifetime. Others are forgotten but bring knowledge, emotions, and impressions, making us who we are. Self-development, motivation, creativity, the ability to find ways out of any situation are what make our life rich.
Therefore, to become better in the future and achieve any set goals, it is essential to do the right thing today. But what does "right" mean?
Ride a bike alone at night around the city, look at old school photos with friends, meet the dawn with a loved one on the roof of the house, write down your plan for ten years ahead, take your parents to a restaurant, look at the stars – which is "right"?
They say that people do not think about what they have done in the last years of their lives but about what they have not done. The right things are the ones you won't regret taking the time.
The Treep team is only seven people, but we are confident that by making efforts, even with such a small number, we will offer people a tool to make their lives richer, kinder, more purposeful.
And if you join this mission, then we can do it faster and more fun! Live brightly!

Treep 3.12.0 更新

We've added a weekly activity goal, and redesigned the scheduling of activities for certain days!
And thank you for such great support 💚
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