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Top 10 Rhythm Games for Android

Updated: July 16, 2020 • 12 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Play the tunes, follow the rhythm, and explore the new music world.
This article Top 10 Rhythm Games for Android is about best rhythm games for Android. 12 apps are listed below relating to best rhythm games for Android, including BTS WORLD, Cytus, Cytus II and so on. This article is updated on July 16, 2020.

Rhythm games have been popular for a long time. The genre mixes our two favorite things: Music and Games. If you enjoy rhythm games, this list is for you. With these apps, you can download your favorite rhythm games on your devices and enjoy some music fun!

Free 9.2 47K+ Reviews 180 alternatives

Cytus is one of the best rhythm games for Android. Rayark invites you to a beautiful musical world where music is the last connection to human emotions. Enjoy its stunning art design and the intuitive interface.


  • Strong beat and rhythms provides you highly satisfying feedback for taps.
  • Take challenges in over 9 difficult levels with 200 hot songs in various genres such as jazz, hardcore, pop and so on.
  • Archive as many combos as you can to beat other players around the world.

Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game is a 3D game featuring artists from Japan, and it is listed in Top 10 Rhythm Games for Android.


  • Enjoy the stunning animation and multicolored light.
  • Get lost in the world of rhythmic music.
  • Internet connection is not required.
Free 6.5 8K+ Reviews
Popular rhythm game "osu!" now for Android! Rhythm is just a click away!

Lost in Harmony is a stunning music game combined rhythmic tapping and choreographic runner.


  • Enjoy thrilling music from famous composers.
  • Tons of levels waiting for you to challenge.
  • Enjoy the dodging fun while tapping to the rhythm.

Lanota is a rhythm game where you can touch, hold, and slide to the rhythm, and try to get a higher score to revive the world.


  • Dynamic rhythm play.
  • 15 levels in 4 difficulties.
  • Dozens of fantastic music to challenge.
  • Achievement, scoreboard, and more.
Let's play "Taiko Master" anytime, anywhere with simple operation!When you join the course, you can get more than 400 songs! New songs added every month!
Light up Hatsune Miku's concerts with the tap of your finger!
BeatX is a rhythm game that brings tons of Stepmania levels to your pocket
22/7 音楽の時間
22/7 音楽の時間
Free 8.1 248 Reviews
A rhythm game for the idol project 22/7 (Nanabunnonijuni), which was produced by Yasushi Akimoto, a team of Sony Music and ANIPLEX!
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