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Top 10 Brain Training Apps

Updated: May 20, 2020 • 10 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Get your brain in tip-top shape with these brain training apps.

This article Top 10 Brain Training Apps is about the best brain training apps. 10 apps are listed below relating to the best brain training apps, including Peak – Brain Games & Training, Elevate - Brain Training Games, NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games and so on. This article is updated on May 20, 2020.

Brain apps are designed to increase your brain performance. These tools offer brain training games for improving your focus, speaking skills, reflex, memory, patience, and more. Download your favorite brain apps and start to exercise your brain.

Get your brain in tip-top shape with over 30 fun games developed by neuroscience experts that challenge your cognitive skills.
Elevate is a brain training app designed to improve focus, speaking skills, processing speed, and more.
Brain & Memory Training with Brain & Mind Games to Improve Focus, Logic, Memory
Lumosity.com grounds all of its brain exercises in extensive research; Scientific Advisory Board includes researchers from such institutions as UCSF and Stanford.
Memory Games: Brain Training to train your brain in useful logic games 😎 💪
A stronger brain leads to a better life. With over 4 million members, Memorado is the leading gym for the brain. You can improve your memory, concentration and reaction with 19 games and 570 levels.
Fit Brains Trainer is an award-winning personalized brain games app that challenges you to perform at your best.
The best training for your brain!!!
Train your brain the relaxing way with Brain Yoga. Get smarter and calmer today!
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