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Top 10 Apps to Boost the Volume of Your Android Device

Updated: February 28, 2022 • 11 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Tired of the low volume of your android device? With these volume booster apps, you can make the phone sound clearer and louder.
Your Android device is not loud enough? Want to control your speakers or headphones and take them to their extreme? With these cool volume booster apps, you can increase speaker and headphone loudness and the volume of your mobile phone. So you can have more volume control options and this will make the listening to music, audiobooks, watch the movies... more comfortable and enjoyable.

This article Top 10 Apps to Boost the Volume of Your Android Device is about volume booster apps. 11 apps are listed below relating to volume booster apps, including VLC for Android, Volume Booster GOODEV, Extra Volume Booster Equalizer and so on. This article is updated on February 28, 2022.

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework. Owned by the non-profit organization VideoLAN.
Simple and small app to boost your speaker or headphone sound volume.
Open the volume booster, equalizer, speaker-booster and enjoy extra loud sound
Max volume booster for louder speaker | Loudest bluetooth speaker sound system
Ultimate Volume Control app & Volume Booster.
useful volume & sound booster, extra bass booster to boost volume, MAX 200%!
Speaker Booster is a native app which will increase your overall sound by 15-30%
Speaker Booster help you to increase volume and boost sound on your phone
Volume Up
Volume Up
Free 8.9 3K+ Reviews 51 alternatives
This app enhances your phone sound, boost the sound of your speaker or headphone
Tired of volume being either too loud or not loud enough? This app fixes that!
Bass Booster and EQ Power
Bass Booster and EQ Power
Free 9.1 275 Reviews
Bass Booster and EQ Power is a music player with advanced device support control
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