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Top 10 Android Apps that Pay You to Walk

Updated: February 28, 2022 • 10 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Walk and then earn money and other rewards with these top apps!

Have you ever thought that walking can help you earn some extra cash? Actually, there are many apps on the market that will pay you to walk. The prizes can be money, gift cards, discounts, and other rewards. If you are a walking enthusiast or just love keeping fit, you should try these apps. We scour the web to collect some of the best apps with decent reviews and downloads that will help you earn money and stay healthy. Download your favorite one and start to earn rewards by walking!

This article Top 10 Android Apps that Pay You to Walk is about pay you to walk apps. 10 apps are listed below relating to pay you to walk apps, including Sweatcoin・Walking Step Counter, Runtopia-Reward Run Tracker, Yodo - Cash for walking & runn and so on. This article is updated on February 28, 2022.

Sweatcoin is that app that converts your steps into currency.
Track runs, rides & steps, earn rewards! Stay motivated in your active lifestyle
Book neighborhood dog boarding, dog walking, pet sitting, and doggy day care.
Health, powered by you - Reach your health goals
Step Goal & Fitness Motivation - Become more active and earn money
Win money for losing weight in a weight loss challenge on HealthyWage.
Complete daily easy but motivating tasks and get discounts for amazing products!
Optimity is a full-service health and habit coaching platform for corporate and professional use.
Free 8.2 89 Reviews 200 alternatives
Simplify your health journey with Higi.
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