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Best 10 Calendar Apps

Updated: May 28, 2020 • 9 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Manage business meetings and daily tasks in order with these best calendar apps.
This article Best 10 Calendar Apps is about Best Calendar App. 9 apps are listed below relating to Best Calendar App, including Google Calendar, Any.do - To do list, planner & calendar, Calendar, Personal Planner & Diary - Jorte and so on. This article is updated on May 28, 2020.
Knowing how to manage time helps a lot in your work and daily life. Write down your business meetings and work the next day or next week in order with a calendar app will make it much clearer to know how to control your time everyday. And it will never happen again that you forget any important meeting or task during busy work. Download these top ranking calendar apps to organize your agenda with just simple clicks.

Google Calendar helps you to keep track of all the important meetings and events in one place.


  • Create and view to-do list with Reminders.
  • Add flight, hotel and restaurant reservations from Gmail automatically.
  • Save your time and make the most of every day.
Any.DO helps you get things done with your friends in a simple & elegant way. It's free, simple & fun.
Schedule books must be practical and has a good design. You may look for personal organizer at the stationary shops to meet these qualities.
BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNEDDigiCal’s diary planner and organizer provides a clear and beautiful overview for your events and appointments.
TimeTree is a calendar app designed around the concept of shared schedules and communication.[TimeTree Features]
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A topical notebook app that combines multiple functions such as calendar, note, todo list, task, schedule, and diary. Over 13 million users!
Can be easily registered an appointment in stamp.
Simple & compact, easy to use popular free calendar app. We also support Japan's public holiday, Rokuyo. Please use it for daily schedule management.
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