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Must-Have Running Games for Android

Updated: October 11, 2021 • 9 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Exciting running games make you relaxed.

Under tremendous pressure from work and life, we need to find a place or way to calm down and relax. Thus, you will definitely be satisfied with stimulating running games. In these running games, they have different running backgrounds and situations where you can find the most favourite one. At the same time, you can even forget and release your tension if you are engaged in swift games. 

This article Must-Have Running Games for Android is about running games. 9 apps are listed below relating to running games, including Minion Rush: Running Game, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, Bridge Race and so on. This article is updated on October 11, 2021.


Join over 1 billion players in Minion Rush.


  • Easy and fun to play for all ages by running, jumping and dodging with the minions.
  • Various funny cirsumstances: Collect tons of costumes in different game background settings.
  • Unlock dozens of costumes to access each one’s special ability, like scoring bonus points, extra running speed, or grabbing more bananas.

Play the best EDM game with your friends and get the highest scores to win!


  • Play your favorite music from various types of choices.
  • Jump with the beat and following the rhythm to get the highest scores.
  • Choose from different skins and backgrounds to match your style.
Slide, splash, and race to the finish line in Aquapark.io!
Grow your hair longer and win this super fun hair running game!
The rolling sky calls roller skate games fans to show us how real skater rolls!
Race through traffic, grind rails, and pull off sick tricks!
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