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Must-Have Language Translation Apps

Updated: October 24, 2019 • 17 Apps listed • Recommend an App

It is necessary to have a language translation app on your phone when you travel in foreign countries. Try any one of these apps to help you communicate with foreigners easily around the world with German, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese and Latin, etc.
This article Must-Have Language Translation Apps is about Language Translation. 17 apps are listed below relating to Language Translation, including Google Translate, English Hindi Dictionary, Microsoft Translator and so on. This article is updated on October 24, 2019.
How many languages do you know besides your mother tongue? If you are not good at foreign languages, a language translation app is useful when you go to other countries for business or for travel. Explore the following apps to find one you like and learn easy phrases in daily foreign language before you go to another country. These language translation apps will help you a lot when you get lost in a unfamiliar city.
Google Translate is a free online translation service that can instantly translate text and web pages between over 50 languages.
Hindi to English,English to Hindi dictionary and translation with OFFLINE mode.
Microsoft Translator is your door to a wider world.
Translate text and speech to many languages. Fast and easy.
Impressive voice translator, speech and translate all languages ​​of the world.
Free 8.8 12K+ Reviews 67 alternatives
🇺🇸 Free text and voice translator with more than 100 languages!
Tool to translate languages online totally FREE.
Spanish English Translator / Word of the day / Flashcards / Offline dictionary
A language translator for conversations with foreign people.
Yandex.Translate - synchronized translation for 85 languages, predictive typing, dictionary with transcription, pronunciation and usage examples, and many other features.
Free 8.6 10K+ Reviews 79 alternatives
Translate text and voice free in more than 100 different languages, with sound.
With the Translator you can make instant translations in over 50 languages.
Free offline translator from english to spanish, and from spanish to english.
Do you need translation? In many languages & simultaneously? Try this translator
English Arabic bidirectional dictionary that can translate from web browsers
This Application used for language translator,voice translations any language.
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