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Best 10 Apps to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone

Updated: February 28, 2022 • 9 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Tired of how your Android phone look like? Turn it into an iPhone with apps below.

Android is customizable while iOS is not so much. Despite the fact that former has an edge over the latter, many Android users still wonder what it is like to use an iPhone. Is it more user-friendly? Is it worth buying? That's why we rounded up 10 best apps to make your Android look like an iPhone. Give them a try before you make up your mind to change into iPhone.

This article Best 10 Apps to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone is about Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone apps. 9 apps are listed below relating to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone apps, including Launcher iOS 16, Apple Music, Assistive Touch iOS 15 and so on. This article is updated on February 28, 2022.


Roll around the idea of changing your Android phone into an iPhone without costing a penny? Look no further.


  • iOS interface.
  • Smoother performance.
  • Control center and assistive touch.
To bring you more music than ever with access to millions of songs. To give you personal recommendations from people who know and love music. To deepen the connection between artists and fans. To reimagine radio with a 24/7, global station.
Assistive Touch to control your device, help you perform more actions quickly.
Change your style: simple and easy to use
Control Center IOS 14 help you access settings and favorite application quickly
Add Color Widgets easily. Customize your home screen with widgets iOS 15 style.
Stylish Launcher with Phone X theme and OS13 Style Control Center
Keyboard For iPhone 12 is best theme keyboard for android smart phones.
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