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10 Best Dialer Apps for Android

Updated: June 19, 2020 • 10 Apps listed • Recommend an App

Improving your dialing experience on Android with these Dialer Apps.

If you are not satisfied with the pre-installed dialer on your smartphones, you should check out these dialer apps for better options. These dialer apps not only help you manage your contacts efficiently but also offer you some new features like customizing the dialer, blocking spam calls, tracking caller ID, integrating with other software or social media, etc. With these tools, you can easily enhance your calling experience to a new level.

This article 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android is about Dialer Apps. 10 apps are listed below relating to Dialer Apps, including Truecaller: Caller ID & Block, Eyecon Caller ID & Spam Block, Phone Dialer & Contacts: drupe and so on. This article is updated on June 19, 2020.

Find a person by a name or phone number worldwide for free using Truecaller. Also available on Android, iPhone, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry.
Use the true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and names of unknown caller and contacts in your phone book.
Drupe brings your contacts and communication apps together to one place that's accessible from all your screens, with a cross app dialer.
Free 8.0 21K+ Reviews 200 alternatives
The Best Contacts Phone book with Dialer, SMS, Caller ID & Spam Block.
Phone Dialer with Caller ID, SPAM detection, Call Block and Contacts list.
Call any number in the world on Hangouts! Most calls to US and Canada are free!
Simpler is your new contacts app that makes your address book lite, smart and user friendly.
Caller id and contact manager with support for 2 SIM cards.
Dialer +
Dialer +
Free 7.2 1K+ Reviews 142 alternatives
Dialer+ is a Smart, Beautiful &Free phone dialer launcher by the Contacts+ team!
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