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First Impression on Zombie Catchers
Updated: February 22, 2022

First Impression on Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers
Zombie Catchers

Time to hunt, shoot down zombies & sell dishes to expand your alien business.

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Zombie Catchers - love to hunt is an action-based casual game released by DECA Games in 2014, which has a tremendous fan base at the moment. Years later, let’s share our first impression of Zombie Catchers.


Unlike other zombie games, our actor “zombie catcher” is a cute and hard-working boss, because he owns a big fresh & squeezed zombie factory. To upgrade equipment and enlarge the factory, the boss A.J. have to catch kinds of zombies in different stages with his assistant Robot Bud.

On the left side of your screen you have two arrows for moving left and right. On the right side of the screen you have your jump button, the button to fire your weapon, a button to drop your lures for the zombies.

Zombie Catchers

Zombies, Shop and Skills

There are six kinds of zombies in total. Players are eligible to catch stronger zombies once their ranking reaches accordance levels. However, although you equip better tools, zombies also have their own armors, such as wooden barrels.

The shop in the game provides you with many useful tools, so you can catch zombies faster and easily. What’s more, you can get equipment from rewards for free or buy them within in-app purchases. For example, net guns, tranquilizers, harpoon models and much more.

Zombie Catchers

During gameplay, you jump over obstacles and dash in the air to catch zombies. By the way, these zombies will not just stand there to be captured or run straight. What makes it even more challenging is that somehow they have hatchets underground with them, or surfboards, or other types of armor to protect them. That is why you have to upgrade your weapons, which vary from harpoon guns, to tranquilizing darts and nets.

Zombie Catchers

Feedback Players Should Notice

The first point you should notice is that you must make sure the location of zombies is within your tool’s scope at the beginning. Besides, it is also not easy to control A.J. to run and fly. Then, some players give feedback that the game is difficult to complete and get rewards at higher levels. Practice may be necessary.

Zombie Catchers


Featuring a side-scrolling action game, Zombie Catchers makes great progress in controlling and combination. Players will be delving into a laid-back vibe as well as trying their best to catch zombies.


  • Strong immersion
  • A light game experience


  • Get used to catching ways

Let’s get together to catch timid zombies with powerful A.J. Just download Zombie Catchers on APKFab.com and subscribe to Official Twitter and Official Site.

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