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First Impression on Supreme Duelist Stickman
Updated: December 29, 2021

First Impression on Supreme Duelist Stickman

Supreme Duelist Stickman
Supreme Duelist Stickman

Supreme Duelist Stickman is a funny stick fight mobile game

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The action-packed casual game has become popular since being released in 2019. Let’s have a review on Supreme Duelist Stickman.

Weapons and Maps

There are scores of weapons in the game, including staff, potion, harp, lollipop, crossbow, lantern and blades. You can choose any weird one as your weapon in stickman duel battle.

Supreme Duelist Stickman

Maps are another unique point. The developer has designed game maps for players in most action games, while in Supreme Duelist Stickman, you can freely change or design many new maps.

Supreme Duelist Stickman


Before introducing dressing parts, we have to make a point that the game is super considerate. In the game, you can choose “Lefty” or “Righty” to control characters according to your own habits.

Then, we come back to its dressing. Although Supreme Duelist Stickman is almost an action game, it still does well in customization. First, you can change the skin of your stickman, which means you can choose different decorations, such as hats, glasses and even expressions. Then, you can also choose your favourite skin from 22 colors. Besides, if you are not satisfied with the current style, you can even decorate your enemies!

Supreme Duelist Stickman

Good Gaming Experiencing

When it comes to the whole gaming experience, Supreme Duelist Stickman is a good example of visual effects, game skills and even characters’ decorations. In this stickman war, you will encounter various battle places that are unexpected. Every time you replay a new battle, the game settings will renew surroundings. Players will have to fight in a new environment. Plus, it is important for players to be careful with obstacles that will appear suddenly, which is a great challenge!

Supreme Duelist Stickman

Supreme Duelist Stickman


All in all, Supreme Duelist Stickman is not only a funny action game, but also a mini casual game that releases your pressure.


  • Endless action game
  • Support three modes
  • Make you feel relaxed


  • Be careful with health bar
  • Be used to these flexible buttons
  • Controls may take time to get used to

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