Slime Hunter Review
Updated: May 21, 2021

Slime Hunter Review

Slime Hunter
Slime Hunter

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What if one day you find that you are the reincarnation of the person who saved the world tens of thousands of years ago and you are entrusted with the same task again? Will you be excited, afraid, or confused? Well, get the answer in Slime Hunter, a pixel art RPG developed by GAMEVIL.

After selecting a character and going through a simple official newbie tutorial, you arrive in a beautiful village called Floria. From there the fantastic story of saving the world -- a second time -- unfolds. Get ready for the last fight by upgrading your characters, equipment and skills as fast as possible!

Select a Class and Create Characters

Slime Hunter Review-screenshot1

There are three classes to choose from at the beginning: Warrior, Archer and Wizard. Each class has its unique skills and specialties. For example, Warrior is the most powerful class, Archer is best at carpet bombing one target, and Wizard is unraveled in killing groups of monsters.

You don’t have to hesitate about which class to choose, because, well, you can create six characters in total. Just try every class out by yourself.

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Once you reach level 150, you can change into a hidden 4th class except Warrior, Archer and Wizard. What makes it special? Maybe you can find the answer by yourself.

Improve Your Equipment

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Equipment is divided in to three categories: Weapon, Defense and Accessory, and has six grades, including C, B, A, S, R and SR. Equipment with SR grade is the most powerful and rarest, but it is the hardest to get.

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You can acquire SR equipment by, in theory, opening weapon chests, upgrading lower grade equipment into SR grade, or killing monsters. But you may not expect to get powerful equipment through killing hordes of monsters, because the drop rate of rare equipment is extremely low (I’ve never got even an A grade myself.)

Kill Monsters

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Monsters in the game are adorable and weak: Use a skill and all monsters who have wandered peacefully before your appearance are wiped out in an instant.

Slime Hunter Review-screenshot6

But if you keep beating these cute creatures, they may call their “parents”, elite monsters that are much more powerful, for counterattacks. Elite monsters are difficult to deal with. They spell high attack and various debuffs, which may prevent you from using all your skills or even basic attack and thus kill you.

Raise Pets

Slime Hunter Review-screenshot7

If you keep killing monsters, there’s a chance that they drop a pet. You can catch it with a noose. And if you succeed, (which means you may fail,) you can go anywhere with it. The higher level your pet is at, the more powerful you become.

Hunt Together with Friends... or AI?

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When you pass by other players, who, in most cases are AFK, you may see they say, “Tap me to hunt together.” You tap and find that they start to move and hunt monsters. It seems as if these characters are not controlled by real players, but by computers!

Automate Everything

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I believe the game is also in the category of idle game, because everything can be automated. You can reach the maximum level in the blink of an eye by turning on Auto Move, Auto Hunt, and Auto Quest Play. What’s interesting is when you hunt with other players with Auto Quest Play on, their Auto Attack will be turned on and they will hunt monsters for you. On the plus side, these auto features make it easier for you to level up quickly. On the negative side, though, they make the game less fun.


Overall, Slime Hunter is a game worth your attention. It has adorable characters and monsters, provides powerful equipment without costing you real money, and ensures fast level up. And you can turn on auto features to kill monsters and earn EXP whenever you are away from the screen for something more urgent and important. But one thing I hope the game developer can improve is to make attack more focused on one monster until it is skilled. I always missed my target monster and thus got killed. 


  • Adorable characters, monsters and pets.
  • Auto features that ensure fast level up.
  • Free powerful equipment.


  • You may miss your targets easily.