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Secret Cat Forest Review – A Cute Cat Simulation with Relaxing Graphics and Music
Updated: December 8, 2020

Secret Cat Forest Review – A Cute Cat Simulation with Relaxing Graphics and Music

Secret Cat Forest
Secret Cat Forest

Come relax with our adorable little kitties!

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Secret Cat Forest is an adorable cat simulation game developed and published by IDEASAM. In the game you will build a cat house with various kinds of furniture, and cats will visit and rest in your house. Secret Cat Forest features gorgeous graphics and soothing background music that helps you to get relaxed and calm from exhausted daily work or study.

Collect wood to craft furniture

Secret Cat Forest Review

The first screen you see once you start the game is a wood house and a cute cat. Swipe right and you will turn to a new screen with a big tree and a river full of fish. This is where you collect resources in Secret Cat Forest. You can collect wood from the big tree while tapping all over it. The wood will be reproduced by the tree as time passes by, so you can come over from time to time to get more wood.

Secret Cat Forest Review

All furniture requires different amount of wood to craft. When you craft certain furniture in the Furniture Collection, you can get reduced craft time, decorations and more wood as rewards. The Furniture Collection is divided into several sections and you will need more wood to craft the furniture to unlock the lower sections.

Go fishing to feed the cats

Secret Cat Forest Review

Each cat eats up 20 fish every time it visits your house, so make sure there are enough fish for the cats to consume. Tap the fishing rod to put it into the water. Tap and hold on the fish, and release your finger until the needle is in the red area, that way you will catch the fish successfully. Besides fish you can also catch some useful items as reward while fishing. The number of fish you can get depends on the fishing storage you have, and you can increase the storage once you have more cats visiting your house.

Collect cat albums to unlock their special masterpiece

Secret Cat Forest Review

Once a cat comes over to visit your house, it will be added in your Profile. These cats have different habits, and there are some tips with blanks in the profile album besides each cat to tell you what it likes or dislikes. You can use Kitty Archive Shards to remove these blanks and know how to attract more cats to visit your house.

When cats come by your house frequently, the intimacy level will increase. Once the intimacy level is full, they will be registered automatically, and you can even see special behaviors of these adorable cats if the intimacy level keeps growing! When the album is completed, you can download the cute images to use as the wallpaper on your mobile phone or computer. Try to pat the cats and you will see their adorable expressions and moves!


Secret Cat Forest is so cute and relaxing from its beautiful animations to the soothing background music. Unlike the fast-paced gameplay that most mobile games adopts, Secret Cat Forest lets you step away from anxiety and tiring work. Some users may complain about its slow progress but that is what the developers want to show to let players take a break and enjoy the peace from the game.


  • Beautiful graphics and animations
  • Soothing background music


  • Crafting and collecting may seem to slow for some players that want to experience fast-paced gameplay