Run Boggo Run Free! Review
Updated: April 16, 2021

Run Boggo Run Free! Review

Run Boggo Run Free!
Run Boggo Run Free!

Can you keep Boggo calm?

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Run Boggo Run Free! is a lovable running game starring lovable BFFs Boggo and her friend Boe. As Buzzfeed's latest title, the game features cute cartoony graphics, fun gameplay, and challenging obstacles. Run Boggo Run Free! is free-to-play and ad-supported and is now available on both Google Play and App Store with no in-game purchases. Is it worth playing? Now let's take a closer look at this action-packed adventure game.

What's Run Boggo Run Free! Game?

Run Boggo Run Free!, as its name implies, is a mental-health-inspired running game that encourages players to find peace in an anxious world. In the game, you need to control an adorable character named Boggo, and your main goal is to help her run through the so-called Valley Of Despair, collect calming Boggs, avoid obstacles, lastly, but most importantly, get rid of the Stress Monster.

Rather than using a behind-the-character camera perspective, you can see Boggo from the front as she runs towards the screen, which allows players to face the Stress creature, growing gradually into a monster in the background, and keep running. Don't let Stress Monster catch you, especially when it becomes bigger, faster, and overwhelming. At such points, you can throw some bath bombs at it. The bath bomb is the secret weapon on the right bottom corner of the game, which can help the Stress Monster calm down and relax for a few seconds. However, if you get caught by the monster, you fail the game, and then you can either start a new run or watch an ad to continue the game.

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If you get hit by obstacles too many times, you lose the game too. There are many fun obstacles along the way, such as rocks, stress gremlins, Wall of Despair, and more. Swipe the screen to move right and left, even jump to dodge obstacles, but sometimes you need to throw bath bombs to destroy them. As you progress, the game becomes more challenging. In order to get as far as you can, you have to react fast to deal with more intricate levels.

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Collect self-care tokens (hot tea, warm bed, deep breath, etc. ) along the way to reduce stress and get Boggo smiling during running. To gain access to higher difficulty levels, players have to complete all the missions listed before running, such as Score 480 in one run, Collect a total of 6 calm Boggs, or fend off 3 times Stress Monster. In a game of simplicity and pursuing a zen life, you can't find complicated features like rewards, leaderboards, complex game mechanic design, etc. All you need to do is collecting calm Boggs to keep Boggo smiling and throw soothe items to escape from Stress Creature.


Run Boggo Run Free! is a great option for both kids and adults. It's pretty fun and inspiring. I enjoy looking at Boggo's smiling face by collecting calm Boggs along the way. It reminds players that they can still find simple ways and reach out to friends to relieve their stress in real life.