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Ragnarok X: Next Generation First Impression
Updated: June 23, 2021

Ragnarok X: Next Generation First Impression


ROX 2.0, Attack Again!

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The most awaited MMORPG Ragnarok X: Next Generation is finally launched in 9 countries in South-East Asia including Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and many more. Ragnarok X: Next Generation adapts the original character classes, monsters and the familiar maps with enhanced 3D graphic design from Ragnarok Online and has reached over 3 million pre-registrations before launch. It is officially licensed by Gravity Korea and published by Nuverse. Here below is a trailer to let you take a first look in case you haven’t played this game yet.

Choose from 6 original classes for your characters

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review

Ragnarok X: Next Generation keeps the original classes from the Ragnarok Online including Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, Archer and Merchant. And each class can be advanced to two more sub classes. The different classes feature different stats and weapons. For example, Swordsman is good at close combat, Acolyte has strong healing ability, Mage can deal great area damage and Archer is for long-distance attack.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review

After you select a class for your character, you need to consider carefully before assigning stat points as it has large influence on the type of character job you want to play. There is a also a Recommended Stat Points button to help you assign points according to the job you choose.

Complete story quests to level up

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review

The main goal in the game is to complete the quests and tutorials on the left side of the screen to earn EXP and level up. Most quests require you to find and communicate with different NPCs, discover and deliver important items, or fight against monsters, etc. 

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review

As the maps are the same as in RO, you get to explore the original five cities of Midgards including Prontera, Izlude Island, Alberta, Payon and Geffen. If you don’t want to go to targeted locations on foot or by yourself, the game offers auto-pathing mode to lead your characters to the destinations automatically, which can save a lot of time if two places are far away on the map.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review

The auto-battle system can be customized in many ways to help players automatically fight against monsters and earn EXP. You can set the AFK range to nearby, on-screen or on the whole map, and also set the time duration to return to original position.

Mount and customize adorable pets as your companion

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review

You can get cute mounts by completing certain quests or directly from the mount manager. These adorable mounts contain the familiar PecoPeco and other creatures with customizable colors and gear selections as you like. Ride on your favorite mounts to travel through your journey!

Join Guilds and Parties to make more friends

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Review

If you get board playing solo in the game, you can choose to join or create a Guild or Party to team up with online friends and take on various challenges together for more special rewards. Ragnarok X: Next Generation also includes a Marriage System where you can have get married with other players. These interactions between online players around the world makes the game even more fun to play.


All in all, Ragnarok X: Next Generation preserves the original RO elements with an extended cinematic art design. Although the auto-path and auto-battle may not be preferred by some players, it still has many fun system to let you have fun with your friends in the game. Also it has weaker connection and keeps loading when too many people online at the same time. Hope developers can improve the server so more players can play together smoothly.


  • Preserves the original RO elements
  • Better 3D cinematic art design


  • Auto system may not feel engaged enough
  • Server is not stable enough