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First Impression on My Hero Ultra Impact
Updated: February 17, 2022

First Impression on My Hero Ultra Impact


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As a popular 3v3 battle RPG game, My Hero Ultra Impact will be released outside Japan this year according to Bandai Namco Entertainment. Besides, My Hero Ultra Impact can now be downloaded on iOS and Android outside Japan. Here in this article, we will share our first impression on My Hero Ultra Impact.


All in all, this is a story of how our protagonist becomes the greatest hero.

My Hero Ultra Impact is a turn-based PvP arena game with representative Japanese anime-style characters. Players need to utilize each character Quirks in your team to tip the fight in your favour.

My Hero Ultra Impact Review


The first part we introduce is “Characters”.

There are male and female heroes in My Hero Ultra Impact. At the beginning, like some other gacha games, you need to set your own team by choosing three from nine characters. By the way, the number of your teams is limited to ten.

My Hero Ultra Impact Review

Before we get into this My Hero Ultra Impact reroll tier list, note that if you’re serious about rerolling, an ideal 10-pull will consist of 3 UR characters. This is superior to 2 URs and 1 SR or getting UR Memory Cards. Besides, it is considerate for developers to set different ways to find characters, such as “Filter”, “Sort”, “Desc” and “Asc”.

My Hero Ultra Impact Review

Characters in this game are divided into colours (Blue, Red, etc.) and you’ll preferably want to have teams covering all colours, so practically all the characters in this tier list are useful. None of them are bad and even the worst will almost always be superior to SR units.

My Hero Ultra Impact Review


Free once a day! Two recruit events are available now. The first one is called——”Protect the Desserts Recruit”, which lasts until February 25th(JST). Rates UP for characters and memories in Hot Picks. Get at least 1 SR or higher drop in the 10x Recruit.

My Hero Ultra Impact Review

The other one is ——“Celebration Recruit”, which will be end on March 17th(JST).

My Hero Ultra Impact Review


Fighting in My Hero Ultra Impact is filled with the style of anime. Owing to its auto-attack mode, some players may dislike the “Quests” part. However, it doesn’t mean you do not need to care about it. Attacking orders depend on you.

My Hero Ultra Impact Review



  • Animated style
  • The “Recruit” is a good part


  • Auto-attack

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