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My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge Review
Updated: August 10, 2021

My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge Review


My Friend Pedro
My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is back in a brand new adventure of blood, bullets and bananas!

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My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge has finally come to mobile! It is a fast-paced touch-based shooter with cartoony art style and smooth controls as a sequel to My Friend Pedro that has been first launched on consoles back in 2019. The game features 37 creative levels with a bunch of elements to keep you excited about the challenging gameplay. Check out the following trailer to take a first look of My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge.

Gameplay & Controls

My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge Review

You play as a masked gunman who is going to help Pedro, a talking banana to save his kidnapped family members out of bad guys’ hand. To rescue them you need to perform perfect jumps and slides to go through obstacles and kill the enemies while not been shot by them. Through the 37 action-packed levels your character will not only be able to walk but also get a chance to try the motorcycle and even on a skateboard.

My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge Review

The controls are very fluent and unique, although it might be strange and a bit hard to get used to at the very start. You need to drag to the opposite direction you want to go to make your jumps or perform a horizontal dash so that you can slide under obstacles. And you can tap on the enemies to shoot them down. When you are airborne everything is in slow-motion so you can shoot down multiple enemies at one time. You should try to chain together as many kills as possible to get higher scores for more star ratings at the end.

My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge Review

You only get three lives to get as far as you can during the adventure, so try your best to make sure not be killed by the enemies, or you have to start it all over again. There will be a small circle around the enemies when the are within range and it will wind down as the enemy prepares to attack you. When the circle disappeared, you will get shot. Be careful not only the enemies can kill you, there are other things that can kill you as well if you hit them accidentally.

Various Game Elements & In-game Purchase

My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge Review

It is not only about dash and shooting. To keep players entertained throughout the entire game, developers have brought out a bunch of fun elements through your adventure. For example, you can drive on the motorcycles and kill other riders through different environment, stand on top of moving skateboards, or solve small puzzles within limited time. You will always find something new and never get bored in this adventure.

My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge Review

Although My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge is free to play, but it still contains a $2.99 in-game purchase which allows you to start where you left once you lost all three lives. If you don’t want to pay you will have to start from level one after you die. To me it is a fair price to spend such amount to save my progress.


All in all, My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge is a fast-paced action-packed shooter which delivers players a creative and flashy gameplay experience. The slow-motion mechanics is quite impressive as well as the fantastic sound effect. Even though it has in-game purchase, it is just $2.99. And if you are hardcore player you may even pass all 37 levels without a second chance. For anyone who likes mobile action games, this one is worth a try.


  • Cool slow-motion mechanics
  • Creative and smooth controls
  • Stylish and cartoony art style


  • In-game purchase