Moonlight Sculptor Review
Updated: June 1, 2021

Moonlight Sculptor Review

Moonlight Sculptor
Moonlight Sculptor

Your grand adventure awaits!

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Moonlight Sculptor was first released in South Korea, followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Now it is finally available for at least 150 countries on May 25th, 2021. This game is developed by Kakao Games and XL Games which takes place in an open world Royal Road where players can choose from six classes from Alchemist, Archer, Mage, Paladin, Warrior, or without a class to become a Sculptor later on as they like. Moonlight Sculptor has a large map with countless monsters and NPCs for players to defeat and communicate to gain EXP and great rewards. Now you can download Moonlight Sculptor on APKFab for free no matter which country you are in!

Choose and customize your character with dozens of selections

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Moonlight Sculptor offers six classes for players to choose, each with its own stats and skill sets. Players can view the detailed attributes and character figure to choose their favorite one, and the character can be customized with different faces and hairstyle as you want.

Complete missions to earn rewards and level up

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Through the game players will receive endless main quests and side quests about engaging with the NPCs, killing monsters or collecting resources, etc. These quests are shown on the right side of the screen, and players can choose to complete the quests in order or randomly according to the importance or distance.

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Besides the quests, you can also accept requests from the in-game characters to deliver the products they need in order to earn EXP, gold an other rewards. Up to 10 requests can be selected each day, and if you don’t want to fulfill the tasks, you can also cancel it as well.

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During process of exploring the Royal Road and completing quests, you can get gold and potions as rewards for achieving various tasks like collecting enough counts of items or killing certain types of monsters. These prizes are quite generous to allow players use them during battles and in store for exchanging items.

Collect and enhance gear and accessories for higher stats

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While killing monsters or wondering around, players are able to collect all kinds of resources including gear, food, accessories and other useful items. Equipping gear and accessories will increase player’s stats, therefore you should check out your bag and make sure the character is putting on the best gear you have, or you can use the auto-equip feature to let the system do this for you.

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Enchanting gear and accessories will increase the stats of original items, so don’t forget to enchant them to get more powerful equipment if your bag is full of different armor and weapons. Meanwhile, you can dismantle the gear you don’t need any more in exchange of Lunarium Pieces.

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Have you ever go fishing in the real life? If not, you can try it out in Moonlight Sculptor now. Go get some worms as baits and you will be able to catch various kinds of fish and shrimps. Besides fishing, players can also learn many skills and granted with different titles as they proceed to higher levels.

Enjoy more game modes like Guild, Dungeon, PvP and Arena

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Besides the main story mode, there are also other game modes including Daily Dungeons, Raid, Guild, Arena and PvP battles to let you battle against other online players or kill monsters for nice rewards. These game modes are locked until players reach certain levels. The game even offers a Sleep Mode to let you gain EXP when you are away from your phone.

Decorate your home and cook delicious food for your character

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You have a sweet home in the game with some free furniture including a bed, a storage shelf, a table and a chair to allow you to take a rest whenever you need. You can also buy beautiful furniture to decorate your home in the furniture store.

What’s more, you can even cook food to feed your character! Just put the ingredients you have in a pot and it will make the dishes for you. But be aware that if you put wrong combination of the ingredients together, you will have a chance to get ugly unidentified food. Some make sure you follow the recipes, they won’t go wrong.


All in all, Moonlight Sculptor has a lot of potential as an MMORPG. The graphic is OK, but you cannot switch the view angle in the game. The control is smooth. You can tap on any place of the screen and drag to the direction you want to go, and the moving pad will show up.But the game lags so much so I have been forced to restart the game several times. Hope the developer can fix this problem for better gaming experience. Despite the lagging issue, this game is worth playing especially if you a fan of Moonlight Sculptor manga.


  • Customizable character appearance
  • Multiple game modes including PvP battles
  • Simple controls


  • Lag issues