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MARVEL Super War Review – A Great MOBA for Marvel Fans
Updated: September 15, 2020

MARVEL Super War Review – A Great MOBA for Marvel Fans

MARVEL Super War
MARVEL Super War

Marvel's first mobile MOBA game!

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NetEase launched Marvel Super War, Marvel’s first 5v5 MOBA on mobile featuring a bunch of popular Marvel Superheroes and Villains including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and many more each with their original costumes and unique skills same as in the Marvel movie series. The game sets the battleground in Wakanda and polishes every detail in the graphics and texture to make Marvel fans’ feel like the real Marvel heroes and villains during playback.


The controls are quite simple to handle. There is a round tab at the left corner where you can roll and slide to different directions to control your character’s movement. And the skill buttons are at the right corner which you can tap or hold to release your character’s skills and attack enemies in the battle. The controls are all customizable in the settings according to your habit.


MARVEL Super War Review

The atmosphere is a vital element of any game. The right atmosphere helps players to feel like as if on the battleground themselves through the immersive gameplay. Marvel Super War gets the competitive nature of MOBA gameplay through the intense atmosphere. The awesome background music and the realistic voice acting in the game are also icing on the cake.


MARVEL Super War Review

You can find almost all famous Marvel Superheroes and Villains in this MOBA game each with their original Space War costumes including Iron-Man's Planetary Armor, Capital Marvel's Planetary Ace and more. And the heroes can be customized with different skins and costumes like “Arcade Rocket”. Each Marvel Super War hero has the unique power as in the movies. For example, Hulk’s ability is the Hulk Smash which he can use to smash his enemies repeatedly on the ground. As the characters level up, there ability gets improved as well. As a marksman, Hawkeye would increase his vision and range as he levels up. However, some characters may not be fully balanced. You will feel some characters overpowered and some others make you feel weakness. This drawback might ruin your game experience in certain cases.


MARVEL Super War Review

There are three types of currency in Marvel Super War: Coins, Star Credits and Crystals. The Star Credits can be converted into Crystals. All the heroes can be purchased with any of these three currencies but the skins can be bought by the Star Credits only. Some heroes and skins may have discounts from time to time, so don’t forget to check the shop for the best deals.


MARVEL Super War Review

Marvel Super War features the classic 5v5 MOBA gameplay with emphasis on teamwork and hero lineup. So it is better for you to team up with your friends or someone who is good at battle strategy. You can click the Spectate button on the home screen to see how top skilled players fight in the game so you can learn from them. Matches last between 15-20 mins in average. There are three lanes, minions, towers and jungles in each game. You can select characters from different classes among Fighter, Energy, Marksman, Assassin, Tank and Support. Choose the right hero and put it in the correct lane will help you a lot in winning the game.

  • Bottom Lane

The bottom lane is considered to be the most important part. This is mainly for players to show off their farming skills rather than killing enemies. Usually there are two players on the bottom lane: a DPS Carry and a Support. DPS can be one of the most difficult roles in the game as it not only needs to kill enemies but also requires farming enemy minions as fast as possible to get gold to buy items for your build. The objective of the Support is to keep their DPS alive and prevent enemies from farming.

  • Middle Lane

Players usually put the Energy heroes on the Middle Lane as they can deal tons of damage with their spells. As this lane is in between of the bottom and top lanes, the mid-lane role not only needs to farm minions but also goes to other lanes to help teammates to gank unexpected enemies.

  • Top Lane

Tank and Fighter are most often to be put in this lane as they can burst significant damage and absorb massive punishment before falling. The objective is the same as the bottom, to farm minions and prevent enemies from doing so.

  • The Jungle

Apart from the three lanes, there is another role playing in the Jungle. Unlike other roles, the jungler goes around to kill minions to farm gold and experience instead of sticking to a specific lane. This role can level up faster than other roles as it doesn’t share experience with others.

All in all, although there are recommended roles for each lane, the victory lies more in the team composition and teamwork between you and your teammate.

MARVEL Super War Review


Overall, to the Marvel fans Marvel Super War is a great work for its classic Marvel Superheroes and Villains design. The sleek graphic design and the simple controls also make this game much more entertaining. Despite of the imbalanced hero skills and the long queue time of matchmaking, this game definitely worth a try for both MOBA and comic fans!


  • Great graphics and simple controls
  • Iconic characters of Marvel Superheroes and Villains
  • Classic 5v5 MOBA gameplay


  • Some hero abilities are imbalanced
  • Matchmaking may take too long