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Live A Simple Life with Your Cat— Purrfect Tale Review
Updated: September 8, 2021

Live A Simple Life with Your Cat— Purrfect Tale Review

Purrfect Tale
Purrfect Tale

Meet Your Cat-eared Youth

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Purrfect Tale is a casual genre game by BadMouse which got a huge base of fans though it's just been released not long. This game would be widely welcomed by players who have pets, especially cat lovers since cats are the main characters as well. Now, keep reading to see what the game is like in detail.


When you just enter the game, the menu is pretty simple. But as you keep digging in, you may be overwhelmed by the many things that you can do.

Purrfect Tale Review

The game sets in a virtual world where you play as the main character who keeps a cat as a pet. Each day you pet, feed, or buy things for your cat. Some activities cost coins or fatigue points. Except for taking care of the cat, there’s an interactive storyline in which you make choices for your life. What to buy in the supermarket? What to reply to mom’s message?

The main places you’d go to would be school, supermarket or home. At home, you can choose to decorate everything around you. Buy furniture, new outfits for the main character. It’d be a lot of fun. What’s more, there are dozens of types of cats, furniture, clothes, and food for you to unlock.

Purrfect Tale Review

Graphics & Storyline

I believe the art style of Purrfect Tale has attracted many new players to check it out. The storyline is the best part. When playing the game, it feels like you’re watching a fun cartoon clip. The main character goes to school everyday and has classes just like we all do. She lives a simple yet happy life, and you make decisions for her on every little thing.

Purrfect Tale Review

Game Controls

When playing this game, most of the things you need to do would be clicking. It’s very easy to operate while completing tasks, so don’t worry about failing any tasks due to difficult game control. Sometimes you need to swipe the screen to drag and drop, but that doesn’t happen very often. With simple game controls, the whole game experience is very fluent and relaxing, it’s not intense in any aspect. That’s why it’s a great time-killing game.

Purrfect Tale Review

Mechanical System 8.0
Game Elements 9.0
Graphics & UI 9.0
Storyline 9.0
Controls 7.0
Overall Score 8.0


Overall, this game is absolutely a great game, and you'll not get bored though after a few hours of playing. Have a good and relaxing time in this virtual world, meet some adorable cats, and choose your own lifestyle.

Purrfect Tale Review

Adorable painting style
Realistic storyline
Easy operations

Sometimes need to watch videos to unlock props

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