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Isle of Genesis Review – Gacha RPG with Generous Rewards
Updated: December 10, 2021

Isle of Genesis Review – Gacha RPG with Generous Rewards

Isle of Genesis - Avalon
Isle of Genesis - Avalon

Gacha style anime RPG, Get strongest SSSR, Explore fantasy Avalon!

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Isle of Genesis – Avalon is a newly released RPG with beautiful art design and all-star voice actors to present you an immersive gameplay for Android. Besides idle combats in the dungeons, you can also join PvP Arena to battle against players across the globe. Now let’s dive into the game and explore Avalon continent with all the legendary heroes!

Recruit Legendary Heroes and level them up

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

All heroes in Isle of Genesis are divided into four nations: Avalon, Britta, Devante and Clark, each with their own unique skills. You can recruit regular heroes for free 5 times each day, or use draw tickets to summon special heroes including SSR heroes. After recruiting new heroes, you can activate them in Hero Card to increase ATK, DEF or HP points of all the heroes you have.

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

When you are lack of materials to equip or upgrade heroes, you can recycle or rebirth unneeded gear and accessories to let you retrieve materials in return. Recycle or rebirth unwanted heroes can also let you get Hero Sparks which can be used to purchase Hero Shards in the Hero Shop. After you collected enough Hero Shards, you can fuse the hero directly.

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

Although heroes in Isle of Genesis don’t have any customization options in skins and costumes, you still have lots of things to do in hero upgrades. Heroes can be leveled up and advanced by EXP Potions and Advance Potions. After advancement, they will get stat bonuses and acquire new battle talent. Equipping and enhancing gear and accessories on the heroes can also increase their stats. Activate Apocalypse on each hero will create powerful combo skills so they can defeat enemies more efficiently, and add suitable Battle Skills to different heroes can boost their skill effect as well.

Deploy heroes in best lineup to win the combats

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

You can check heroes’ basic info to know their skills so you can put them at the best position in the team. In each battle you can deploy up to six heroes in two rows, so it is better that you put tank or aggressive heroes in the front row and put the ones with healing skills in the back row.

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

As battles in the main dungeons are automated, you can set your hands free and switch to x4 speed or skip the battles directly to save your time. Some of the battles can be skipped only after round 2.

Unlock more battle modes to obtain special prizes

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

Apart from clearing chapters in the dungeon idle battles, you will unlock so many other battle modes in Adventure while your level up. For example, in Road of Trial, you can get continuous AFK revenue while your characters slay the enemies, and you can claim better rewards while completing more stages. And in Territory Patrol you can dispatch your heroes to complete Patrol Quests for generous rewards.

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

In PvP Arena you can battle against players from all over the world and climb up to the top of leaderboard. And you can add friends or join Guild to give out and receive presents from friends around the globe.

Join countless events for generous rewards everyday

Isle of Genesis Avalon Review

Besides 7-day login events, Isle of Genesis also holds plenty of other events and quests that offer you generous rewards when you level up heroes or advance to the next stage of battles. And you can even complete Chief Growth Plan to upgrading VIP level for free! The game really offers a lot of in-game currency so players don’t have to pay in shop to proceed to higher levels.


Isle of Genesis – Avalon has everything you can expect in an idle RPG. Besides the beautiful art design and animations, it adds a lot of elements to keep you busy for hours easily. It is not too hard to get SSR heroes in gacha, and the rewards are quite generous so there is no need to pay real money for gear and upgrading materials. But the automated combats may be too boring for players looking for improving battle skills.


  • Beautiful art design
  • Generous gacha and reward system


  • Need permission to manage phone calls
  • Automated battles are boring for players seeking for hardcore games