Home Design: House Decor Makeover Review
Updated: March 10, 2021

Home Design: House Decor Makeover Review

Home Design: House Decor Makeover
Home Design: House Decor Makeover

Design & renovate your Dream Home!

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Home Design: House Decor Makeover is a casual house decorating simulation containing fun match-3 puzzle games. In this simulation you can design bedroom, living room, study and many other rooms in different styles as you like and save the whole room design to share with your friends. Now let’s start decorating our room and see how fancy style it can turn to by your hands!

Choose decors from different styles to match your taste

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Start from your sweet home, you will unlock the decoration task in living room, bedroom and kitchen one by one. There are 16 items that you need to add in each room and each item offers three options for you to choose for different styles. After you finished the decors in all three rooms, you will continue to design other rooms in downtown.

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In Home Design: House Decor Makeover, each decor requires certain amount of coins to unlock. As the rooms are different from one another, you are going to add different decorations based on the room you are in. For example, in the living room you are going to add a sofa, a book shelf and a tea table, and in the kitchen, there should be a refrigerator, a microwave and other kitchenware. All these decorations are designed as you will see in the real life.

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After you complete all 16 items in each room, you can take a screenshot of the entire room and share it with your friends. Although each decor only offers three options to choose, you can still match the items in the same style. In the above picture, I decorate my bedroom in a blue tone and choose other furniture and decorations in light color so the overall design helps me feel relaxed. By the way, some of the decorations need to watch ads to be unlocked, so you can either watch a short ad to pick the specific decor you fancy, or choose two other selections by spending coins directly.

Earn coins by playing match-3 puzzles

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Once your coins run out, you cannot buy any decor, so you have to play the match-3 puzzles to earn more money. In each level there is a different goal that you need to complete within the limited steps, for instance, players need to eliminate certain amount of the element in particular color. Once you complete the level, you will get coins as reward, and sometimes you can even get in-game cash or special boosters as bonus rewards. After you earned enough coins, you can return to the main game to continue decorating the room.

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Players will get points by beating more levels, and when the points are full, players can claim extra rewards in some special events for more in-game currency or boosters.


I have passed Sweet Home chapter and start to play the Downtown. Home Design: House Decor Makeover is easy enough to let me leave along anxiety and fatigue from work. As a free-to-play game, even though it contains ads, you can close them to give up extra rewards. And the game is very generous in coins so there is no need to make purchase.


  • Free to play
  • Realistic room design


  • Too boring for players looking for challenged games