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First Impression on Botworld Adventure
Updated: October 19, 2021

First Impression on Botworld Adventure

Botworld Adventure is a brand new RPG released on October 13, 2021, the game is now available on Google Play.


Battle your way through an Epic Open World RPG from the makers of Rodeo Stampede

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The game sets in a fantasy world where you play as a young hero aiming to collect all the bots in the Botworld. Featherweight Games, the developer is determined to make the RPG game experience to a whole another level. Now, watch the trailer down below to see what it's about.

Getting Started

When you first enter the game, choose an animal to represent yourself. That's when the journey begins.

Botworld Adventure Review

After a few rounds of beginner's guide, you'll collect some bots and unlock most of the functions. Botworld Adventure enables players to explore the world freely, but with the limitation of energy cost. Sometimes you need to go to the wild to finish the quests, that's where you'll battle with different levels of wild bots and collect materials for upgrading your boat or bots.

Botworld Adventure Review


In Botworld Adventure, players collect their favorite bots through exploring the world. There's a scrap system inside the game for players to further upgrade and customize the bots, the skills, abilities, and level them up. After collecting some bots, you start building a dream bot team to defeat other bots you may encounter in the wilderness.

Botworld Adventure Review


After playing Botworld Adventure for a while, it's responsible to say that its gameplay is very similar to Pokemon on Nintendo. As the botmaster, your job is to collect bots as many as possible by winning the battles with other bots. After the victory, if you don't have your rival bot in your collection. it'll be automatically collected after the battle.

Botworld Adventure Review

The battle isn't difficult to win most of the time. During the battle, you dispatch three bots at the most, then the battle carries on automatically. It's the position that you place the bots that matters. For example, always place the tank bots in the front to soak up more damage to protect other bots in the back. You can learn about the characteristics of each bot in their profile. There's also something else that you can do in the battle. There are bonus abilities that you can use to give your bots some help defeating the enemies.

Botworld Adventure Review

Tips for Beginners

Botworld Adventure Review

  • Completing the tasks one by one in time is recommended, because you may get pretty cool rewards after accomplishing one series of quests.
  • Use the map wisely, don't wander around pointlessly and waste energy points.
  • Place different bots for different enemies, pay attention to their positions in the battle. That is the key to victory.

Mechanical System 7.5
Game Elements 8.0
Graphics & UI 8.0
Controls 7.0
Overall Score 7.6



Easy to master

Great art design

Relaxing and a great time killer


Lack of interaction in the battles

Need more amazing bots to play with

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