Farmscapes Review: A Peaceful Farm Life
Updated: May 12, 2021

Farmscapes Review: A Peaceful Farm Life


Restore a farm & solve puzzles

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Farmscapes is a puzzle game where you help carefree city girl Mary make over her shoddy house and abandoned farm with horseshoes earned in matching games. Believe it or not, it tests your brain, but in the meantime relaxes your mind. How? In the matching part, you need to collect your wits and beat levels with increased difficulty. In the rest parts, well, you just relax! Make over the farm dotted with debris into a small, pleasant place, talk to your friendly neighbors, interact with lovely animals....... All of this is what many urbanites have dreamed about!

Don’t hesitate. Join Mary to start your farm life.


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To buy items for decoration, you need to earn horseshoes in the matching game. At first glance, it is similar to classic games such as Crush Candy Saga. But soon you’ll notice the difference. In Crush Candy Saga, you shuffle colorful candies to match those with the same color, while in this game you tap and remove matching pieces.

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As difficulty increases, you’ll face increased number of obstacles or even distractions. Don’t worry. You can use boosters at the start of each round or buy five more moves at the end. Beware: You only have 5 lives. If you are out of moves before completing all goals, you will lose one life, which takes half an our to restore itself. Or you can refill your lives with 1000 gold coins.


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As was said earlier, the farm was abandoned long time ago. Furniture is wobbly, roof broken, trees and flowers dead, and weed wildly scattered. You have to help Mary clean and re-decorate the farm.

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Most of the time, it costs 2 or more horseshoes for renovation once. But sometimes you need a dozen to build a new structure such as a barn. Generally, you have three items of different types to choose from. Don’t fear making decisions, because you can change the element you purchased anytime!

Make Friends with Lovely Animals

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One advantage of having a farm is that there’s space for animals. Cats, dogs, sheep or cows...... whatever you want. Mary brought a scaredy cat Edward, and found two sheep in the farm who “baa”for help.

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These animals don’t just stand still. They run, eat, sleep, have fun, or even yawn. Believe me, you won’t regard them as pets but rather companions under the same roof.


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In addition to playing matching games and decorating the farm, Farmscapes tells a simple and common story. Mary went to the countryside against the will of her mother, who believed she would go back to the city in a few days after realizing how hard it is to live by herself in the countryside. In the farm, Mary met Philip, who is friendly and helpful and has a crush on her.

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Doesn’t the story sound familiar? Young people these days don’t listen to their parents anymore. They want to lead a life the way they want, however hard it is. Over the course of overcoming difficulties, they meet their Mr/Miss Right.

Realistic Graphics

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Graphics of Farmscapes are amazing! Take the scene of taking photos. When I was waiting for the life to restore, Mary exclaimed how beautiful the farm was and said she’d like to take a picture of it. She took her Polaroid camera out, pressed the shutter button, and shook the photo she got to make it develop quicker (thought Polaroid said “shaking or waving has no effect”.) It is what we do in real life, and the developer has replicated it.


Overall, Farmscapes is a surprise. The more I play the game, the more I find it fun and want to continue. It seems that I will never get bored, though one thing that prevents me from playing it unstoppable is to wait for the life to refill.   

Friends, don’t miss Farmscapes if you want to experience how relaxing life is in a farm.


  • Realistic and beautiful graphics
  • A glimpse of peaceful farm life


  • It takes too long for the life to refill