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Dream League Soccer Classic Review - A Decent Football Simulator for Sports Fans
Updated: October 20, 2020

Dream League Soccer Classic Review - A Decent Football Simulator for Sports Fans

Dream League Soccer
Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is YOUR chance to build THE best team on the planet!

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Dream League Soccer Classic is a soccer simulation game developed by First Touch. As an award-winning independent studio, First Touch Games mainly focus on sports games and has made several hit games such as Score! Hero, 8 Ball Hero, and more. One of the most popular game apps from First Touch Games is the classic version of Dream League Soccer game, and now let's give it a quick review.

If you have been playing FIFA, then this game is for you. Just like the real-world soccer game system, Dream League Soccer Classic contains a variety of things you need to deal with, such as recruiting and training players, building and managing your team, making transfers, compete with other teams, try to win matches to level up to a higher division, and lead your team to victory.

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a captain or create your own captain. Dream League Soccer offers a lot of customizable options for you to design your character, so you can change his height, face, skin, and more. Then you will enter the main Dream League Soccer Hub, here are some main sections on this hub:

Dream League Soccer Classic Review

  • Team Management: Here you can decide your team formation and choose the right tactics to play against opponents.
  • My Club: In this section, you can upgrade your stadium, rename your team, upload your team logo, the players' name, team name, team kit, view the season objectives, and more.
  • Training: Train your squad members and practice shooting, passing, and set pieces. You can also start with the tutorials if you are new to the game. There are several different training modes in this section, such as free training, penalty, free kick, and more. Left Corner, for example, specifically aims at practicing corner kicks from the left.
  • Transfers: Search and buy new players in the transfer market. You can use gold coins to unlock classic players or create your own player. If you don't have enough funds, Free Transfers also can give you the chance to sign players for free. In order to let new players in, you need to release your weaker players from your team.
  • Player Development: This section allows you to use gold coins to improve your team skills and also make your players perform better in the game. Individual Training focuses on training your chosen player and team Training focus on your entire squad.
  • Statistics: View the game results and your team schedules.
  • Get Coins: The game contains in-app purchases and you can buy extra coins to upgrade your stadium and make your players more competitive in this section.

Dream League Soccer Classic Review

The classic version doesn't support the online multiplayer mode, so you will not be able to play the game with your friends or others from all around the world. However, Dream League Soccer Classic does feature intelligent and challenging AI players. In order to defeat your AI opponent team, you still need to improve your game skills, train or use coins to upgrade your players, and make your team become more competitive and perform better to win the matches.

The game also features excellent graphics, simple controls, and detailed instructions. You can always tap on the "?" at the bottom of the screen to get more information and get started with the game quickly. If you don't like the way the game displays, you can go to the "Game Setting" section to change camera type and camera distance to improve your gaming experience.

The download size of the game is about 126.69 MB and you don't necessarily need a gaming smartphone or high-end Android device to play the game. Dream League Soccer Classic can work smoothly on most mobile devices. 

Dream League Soccer Classic Review


Dream League Soccer Classic is a great option to play in your free time. The graphics are enjoyable and the controls are easy to master. As one of the best soccer games on the market, it's totally free to download. It does contain advertising and in-app purchases, but it's neither annoying nor distracting. If you are a sports fan and loves football games, this game is worth a try.


  • Addicting gameplay.
  • Detailed tutorials and instructions.
  • Great graphics and animations.


  • Ads and in-app purchases.