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Cat Spa Review
Updated: May 6, 2021

Cat Spa Review


Lead your team of adorable furry cats into kawaii spa management sim glory!

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Cat Spa is a super cute time management game created by HyperBeard, the same developer who also made Adorable Home, KleptoCats, and other popular animal-themed games. As a new title released recently, Cat Spa features a variety of cat fairies and adorable animal customers. The lovely colors and addictive gameplay will give players a comforting effect. Now let’s take a closer look at this adorable game.

What's Cat Spa?

Cat Spa is an adorable spa management simulation game where you can run your own spa business, hire up to 8 cat employees, decorate your spa shop, and take orders to serve various animal customers. There are many different kinds of animals visiting your shop for spa service or hair salon service, and your mission is to provide excellent services and help them relax. These animal customers will leave apples and Churu after service, and players can use these rewards to unlock new space, purchase new furniture and hire/train cat staff.

Cat Spa Review

Adorable cat employees

Cat Spa allows you to be a boss of a virtual spa shop and all of your staff are cat fairies. Sounds exciting, right? These cat characters are not customizable, but luckily, there are many fun activities you can in the game, just like in a real spa shop. Use Churu, the in-game currency, to hire new cat staff, and they will work for you, give massages to animal customers, and make your small business profitable and run smoothly. If you press the Promote button 10 times, animal customers will come. In order to deal with waves of customers, you need enough staff and train cat fairies frequently, and the staff with good performance deserves a pay raise (not real money, but apples).

Cat Spa Review

Decorate the cat spa

Cat Spa also allows you to decorate your dream spa house. Join the game and earn apples to purchase furniture, such as cushions, mats, props, bookcases, and more. These little cute items can be unlocked once you gain sufficient apples, which will make your spa house a better place for both staff and customers to stay. Cushion, for example, plays as a staff room and can help angry cat fairies relax after working. 

Cat Spa Review

In-game purchases and rewards

It's free to download the game on both Google Play and App Store but contains in-game purchases and ads. The in-game purchases are optional and can give players additional features like removing ads, double apple and wool earnings, and more. Cat Spa also offers generous rewards, and players can also watch video ads to double earnings and speed up the gaming experience. 

Cat Spa Review


Cat Spa is a cute time management game for both kids and adults to play. The graphics are lovely, and the game gives you a chance to work with so many adorable partners. Players who love adorable cats and want to run a virtual spa shop should definitely try this game.


  • Be the boss of a cat spa and interact with all your cute staff
  • Decorate your spaces the way you want
  • Collect adorable stories and photos of your employees and customers


  • In-game purchases and ads