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CarX Rally  First Impressions!
Updated: January 6, 2021

CarX Rally First Impressions!

CarX Rally
CarX Rally

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CarX Rally is a brand-new racing game created by CarX Technologies. This video game studio focuses on developing racing games and has published several amazing racing games including CarX Drift Racing and CarX Highway Racing. As their newly released game, CarX Rally features a variety of cool sports cars, addicting gameplay, various game options, and also fantastic landscapes. Now let's take a closer look at this racing game.

CarX Rally  First Impressions!

It's free to download the CarX Rally on Google Play but contains in-game purchases. The file size is about 389MB, making it quite a quick download. After installing the game on your mobile devices, you start the game with a series of Beginner Guide and then the Career Mode. There are 4 different levels and 35 rally champions waiting for you to challenge in the Career Mode. Players will start from the Beginning Level, prove their driving skills on the tracks with different lengths and weather conditions, and then race their way up to the World Level. Each championship has its own requirements for cars, like engine and type of drive, and also requires players to gain sufficient trophies to unlock them. In order to get these trophies, you need to finish the tracks as fast as possible and try to get a better ranking in the race. The following are some great features about this game:

CarX Rally  First Impressions!

Car Types: One of the most fascinating things about the CarX Rally is that you can modify your sports cars with tons of upgrades to increase their performance and make them more durable for your races. There are a variety of cool cars for you to choose from in the Garage, like MK1, HACHI-ROKU, and more. New cool cars can be obtained by using in-game currency or trophies earned from championships. In order to defeat your opponents and get a better position in the racing game, you need to upgrade the vehicle and improve the overall performance of your cars. Use bonuses to purchase the interior design, higher pistons and ECU, tires with more friction, and more.

CarX Rally  First Impressions!

Control Types: CarX Rally offers three types of game controls: Arrows, Gyroscope, and Steering Wheel. In Gyroscope mode, players can tilt their mobile device to control the cars to turn left or right, and also are able to set the Gyroscope Sensitivity to their preferable level. However, the control panel is not customizable, so it's better for players to choose the control layout that suits their playstyle most from these three types before starting racing.

CarX Rally  First Impressions!

Driving Views: There are several view options available during races: Normal View, Hood View, and Chase View. However, there is no Cockpit View in CarX Rally. If you want to change your camera view angle, simply tap the button on the right top side of the screen during your racing. The game also has a mini-map on the upper middle of the screen, which shows the racing tracks ahead of racers.

CarX Rally  First Impressions!

Graphics: CarX Rally features high-quality graphics and it even has a Postprocessing button for players to add Postprocessing effects to the game to enhance their gaming experience. The game has 4 different graphics quality levels: Low, Medium, High, and Ultra, and allows players to select the graphic quality according to their mobile system to avoid lags.

CarX Rally  First Impressions!

Amazing Landscapes: In the free mode, you can customize the lengths of tracks as well as weather conditions like Sunny, Rainy, Thunderstorm, and more. CarX Rally also features a number of tracks with fantastic landscapes, which means you can race through different environments, such as Pasture Valley, Mountain Pass, Township, Farm Land, and more. It's pretty enjoyable to explore amazing locations while driving.


  • 35 tournaments for different cool cars
  • High-quality graphics
  • Amazing landscapes


  • In-game purchases
  • Uncustomizable controls