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Brawlhalla Review – Incredible 2D Action Brawler Coming to Mobile!
Updated: September 25, 2020

Brawlhalla Review – Incredible 2D Action Brawler Coming to Mobile!


Smash, brawl & fight among the legends of Valhalla in this multiplayer game!

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The free-to-play fighting game Brawlhalla finally came on mobile platform after having its PSP, Steam, Xbox and Switch version! This 2D action brawler reminds many players of the Super Smash Bros in the similar control system as well as the chaotic, fast-paced matches. Brawlhalla is easy to understand but difficult to master as there are so many combos and playstyles you can unleash through different combination of the attack and dash buttons.

Like Super Smash Bros, as the players get accumulate damage, they will receive progressively increasing knockback until they finally get blown off the screen in one-hit KO. Brawlhalla features 50 characters referred to as Legends and each fights differently, so you can choose the Legends that fits your playstyle the most to win more combat in the game.

Graphics & Performance

Brawlhalla Review

Brawlhalla features cartoony style graphics and the visual quality is as good as in the other platforms without downgraded. The inputs are also quite tight even in complex combos and movements. For example, players can easily use triple-jump mechanic to stay in the correct position and unleash attack through precise directions.


Brawlhalla Review

The touchscreen controls of Brawlhalla are relatively responsive and precise when executing complex combos and follow-ups. And players have a lot of customization to make over the UI. You can choose from different button styles and put the buttons at anywhere on the screen as you like. This is really helpful for players to take faster attack and better response during battles. However, there are two attack button (Quick Attack and Heavy Attack), a Dash button and a Jump button on the right corner, which means you need to know when and how to use each button to beat your enemies and avoid attack at the right time, so it requires much of practice and game experience to be a skilled fighter in the game.

Characters / Legends

Brawlhalla Review

There are 50 different Legends in Brawlhalla each with their own unique stats and a wide range of customizable options and cool skins. Moreover, it features Epic Crossovers including characters from Ben 10, Tomb Raider, Steven Universe, WWE and more. Leveling up through combats can help you earn coins to unlock more Legends, or you can pay real money to buy all of the Legends in the store. Each character has two kinds of weapons to pick up on the map for different playstyles during combats.

Multiple Game Modes

Brawlhalla features more than 20 game modes for up to 8 players, which is fun to play with friends. Some are standard game modes such as Brawl and Ranked Mode, and others are Brawl-of-the-Week modes which are available only in Custom Lobbies featuring a one-time prize of several hundred coins for participating and performing well. As Brawlhalla is cross-play among different platforms, PC and console players can have a noticeable advantage over mobile players.

Brawlhalla Review

  • Brawl

It is the default mode of the game. The objective is to kill as many opponents as possible to stand to the last. Players can play with other real players or with AI bots. Timed Match, Stock Match and Strikeout are most playable under this game mode.

The Timed Match can be played as teams or Free-For-All. The match lasts in a limited time and the goal is to score as many points as possible. Knocking out other players can help you score points.

In Stock Match each player has a Stock number which stands for the lives. If the Stock number downs to 0, the player is eliminated from play. Player who lives to the end is the winner, or the one who gets the highest Stock until timers runs out.

Player need to choose three Legends each has one stock as a team in the Strikeout Mode, other than that, it is similar to the Stock Match.

  • Ranked

Ranked is a competitive game mode played exclusively as 3-stock 1v1 or 2v2 ranked battles. The final result changes players’ position on the Ranked ladder in each mode. In this mode, the first player to lose all their stocks loses. So the basic objective is to take other players’ stocks and not to lose yours. In the 1v1 or 2v2 matches, you need to hit the enemy to accumulate damage until they are knocked out from the screen under increasing knockback.

Brawlhalla Review


All in all, from the large selection of characters and customizable control system, to the multiple game modes and the weapon-based mechanics, Brawlhalla is more than an alteration of Super Smash, plus it is free to play! So this is no doubt one of the greatest brawler games that you definitely worth a try!


  • Free to play
  • Unique artstyle
  • Multiple game modes to choose


  • Heroes’ abilities are not balanced
  • Crossplay matchmaking may be unfair
  • Control is hard to master