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First Impression on Bed Wars
Updated: January 5, 2022

First Impression on Bed Wars

Bed Wars Lite
Bed Wars Lite

Pick up your weapon to defeat your enemies and protect your bed!

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As a teamwork PVP sandbox game, Bed Wars has gained countless praise from the first version. Like Minecraft, Bed Wars attracts many hypixel fans because of its powerful functions and unique game settings. Let’s have a review of it.

Battles: Protect Your Bed

The background of battles is 16 players divided into 4 teams, and each team needs to protect their own bed from being attacked.

sandbox game

In battles, players can swap kinds of weapons and blocks in the Item Shop with stones and gold that are free to get from home. Personally, the most interesting part is that players can fight with unexpected weapons, such as shears. Last but not least, please be careful with boundary. That being said, you may fall from your island when you are fighting.

bed wars

bed wars


Bed Wars supports three modes, including solo, duo and quad. Each time you join a new battle, the system will appear different maps with unique styles and tactics randomly no matter whether you are solo queuing or queuing with your friends. You can get matched in seconds and enjoy an addictive and intense game pace.

bed wars

Public Square

There are many considerate functions in the public square. First, on some special holidays, you can get extra rewards by helping to deliver gifts in the public square.

bed wars

What’s more, Bed Wars provides live-time chat which means players can chat together, join other teams and make new friends.

bed wars

Some basic settings are also in the upper left corner where gamers can set comfortable interfaces according to their habits.

bed wars

In-app Purchases

The game is free to play, but it also offers some in-game purchase. For example, if you are careless to fall off your home, you need to pay Gcube to keep going. Otherwise, you would lose all the stuff you have collected previously if you don’t want to pay.

bed wars


In a nutshell, Bed Wars is a different but equally funny action and strategic hypixel game in which players will delve deeper into the game. Besides, owing to its funny characters and avatars, it also creates a casual and laid-back vibe.


Various battle modes

Not very complex game rules

Sores of super funny weapons make you indulge in the exciting fighting


Be careful with players who exit suddenly

The game leans into the pay-to-win side of things

In battles, personally, the size of nickname is too big

Anyway, come to download Bed Wars on APKFab.com with your friends. And you can also click Official Twitter to get more funny games!

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