Arcana Tactics First Impression
Updated: March 17, 2021

Arcana Tactics First Impression

Arcana Tactics
Arcana Tactics

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Arcana Tactics is an auto battler strategy game released on Android and iOS devices. In this tactical RPG players need to form the strongest team of different heroes and evolve them to higher-level stars quickly so they can defeat more powerful enemies in late stages. As an early access, Arcana Tactics is still unstable and has disconnected network issues, but the idea of game is still fun and worth playing.

Summon heroes and arcana to enhance heroes’ stats

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In the hero list all heroes are divided into 8 classes and 6 types. Heroes can be leveled up after you collect enough Soul Stones. After leveling up, each hero will increase the stats as well as additional skills. There are hidden heroes that not shown in the hero list until their respective Soul Stones are acquired, and the hidden heroes are locked in Formalas before they are activated.

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Arcana are divided into 22 Major Arcana, 20 High Minor Arcana and 36 Low Minor Arcana. Using arcana skills can increase heroes’ stats or reduce the damage received from opponents. Heroes and arcana can be summoned by summon tickets or diamonds. Players can spend one ticket to pull one gacha, or 600 diamonds to pull 8 gacha.

Fuse your heroes to form stronger team after each wave

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Arcana Tactics is an auto-battle strategy game, so players need to fight through multiple waves at each stage to complete different chapters in the Story Mode. If players win all battles within limited time in each stage, they can get three star rewards including coins, EXP and Soul Stones to upgrade their heroes.

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Players need to deploy their heroes into the battlefield before countdown ends at the beginning of each wave, otherwise the enemy will be more difficult to defeat, and they may not be able to get three-star once they exceed the time limit. The key to win the battle is to fuse heroes to stronger ones so they can defeat more powerful enemies in the later waves.

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After each wave you will get a new hero, also you can buy other heroes in the shop so that the heroes you owned can be fused to stronger grade. Players can fuse heroes by a list of formulas. For example, Blacksmith can be fused with Spell Sword to summon Highlander, and Archer combined with Cleric can transform into Bard. It is vital to deploy the right heroes at different stages, and different choices you made through formulas may lead to different battle results.

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Heroes in the Shop start with 100 gems, the higher star level the hero is, the more expensive it costs. Apart from heroes, players can also purchase special items to win the stage at higher rates.

In-game currency

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There are several types of in game currencies including gold, crystals and rubies. Gold can be used to level up heroes and arcana, and crystals and rubies are used to summon more heroes and arcana. Mana Cubes are rare currency that can be used to buy special effects in the Shop and expand your field to deploy more heroes to the battlefield.


Arcana Tactics features great graphic and hero design, and the auto chess mechanics is fun and full of strategy. Instead of letting the game play itself during battles, players need to think carefully which hero they need to fuse so that they can defeat the enemies. Although the gameplay is fun, the currency is not enough to proceed to higher levels. Rubies can be obtained only by paying real money, and gold is depleted way too fast. Apart from that, another downside of the game is unstable network connection which results in freezing at loading screen.


  • Great graphic design
  • Fun strategy auto-battler


  • In-game currency is depleted too fast
  • Poor network connection