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Alchemy Stars First Impression
Updated: June 18, 2021

Alchemy Stars First Impression

Alchemy Stars
Alchemy Stars

A revolutionary line strategy RPG that pushes the genre to new heights!

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Alchemy Stars is a turn-based strategy RPG that developed by Tencent and Tourdog Studio and has been released globally on June 17, 2021 for Android and iOS. This mobile game has already getting hitting over 1 million sign-ups, thus Tencent provided pre-registered players with a variety of in-game bonuses including special avatar, in-game currency and other resources when the game launches. You can Download Alchemy Stars on APKFab for free and start the new thrilling adventure right now!

What’s Alchemy Stars?

Alchemy Stars Review

The story is about "chasing the light". As one of the Caelestites, your people lived with Aurorians in Astra but this place was disrupted by dark creatures known as Eclipsites. You are the only survivor of Caelestites and buried underground for 17 years until you  were discovered by an Aurorian by accident and brought you back up to the surface. It is your duty to create a powerful team from 80+ Aurorians and fight against Eclipstes in turn-based strategy battles and bring the light back to the world.

Alchemy Stars Review

Alchemy Stars features astonishing art style and graphics and presents every Aurorian character with extensive detail. Each Aurorian has its own unique backstory and skillset, and all of them are from either of four elements: Fire, Water, Forest and Thunder. These elemental attributes are key to the success in the battles, so you need to learn each Aurorian’s stats carefully to build up the best formation.

Use strategy to lead your team to victory in every battle

Alchemy Stars Review

The battleground in Alchemy Stars is very impressive as it is formed up with tiles in 4 different colors and each represents one element accordingly. Red = Fire, Blue = Water, Green = Forest, Yellow = Thunder. Players need to connect tiles of the same color to form a battle path. And the Aurorians can only attack through the path of their own elements, but the Captain is not restricted by this rule.

Alchemy Stars Review

Once the path reaches a certain length, it will trigger a Chain Combo from team members of the same element. The longer path you create, the more powerful Chain Combo your team members can unleash. What’s more, when the path reaches 15 tiles long, Aurorians will enter Aurora Time and get one more chance to perform attack. So be careful not to lift your finger until you create the longest chain!

Recruit more Aurorians to form the strongest team

Alchemy Stars Review

You can use 150 Lumamber to recruit 1 Aurorian or 1500 Lumamber to pull 10 hero gacha directly. As these characters have different element attributes and special skills, you need to take strategy into forming up the team to make sure you win the battles easily.

Alchemy Stars Review

According to players that already tried the early-access version, here below are the tips to help you build up the best formation.

  • Choose Captain in any color you like but make sure it is the strongest one
  • 1x Healer to allow your team recover HP
  • 2x Chain Combo Character
  • A Hero who can shift tiles’ colors or teleport on the battleground

Recover Colossus to enhance the stats

Alchemy Stars Review

There are several rooms in Colossus that have been destroyed and need to be unlocked and fixed to help you obtain useful resources. Once the room is unlocked, you can deploy Aurorians to work in it to increase the efficiency. For example, the Lumina Grid can provide Lumina and boost the recovery speed of Fireflies. And the Prism Pillar is a special facility that can convert Lumina into Prisms.

Alchemy Stars Review

Not all Aurorians are suitable to work in Colossus. You can click on each character and their Work Skill will show up on the left of the screen. You need to pick up those who can increase the efficiency to work in every room to enhance the productivity.

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As I have only played Alchemy Stars for several hours, some of the features are still locked, but I have already enjoyed its unique gameplay. Although many players find it similar to Arknight, it is still different from many gacha RPG as this one really requires the use of strategy in forming the team and battles. One thing that I concerned about is that gacha system takes too much Lumamber so I’m afraid sooner or later I have to spend real money to get more characters. Despite that, the artwork is brilliant and smooth without any lag, and the story and dialogs are interesting. If you live RPG and strategy games, this one won’t disappoint you.


  • Great art style and character design
  • Appealing storyline
  • Strategic gameplay


  • Similar to Arknight
  • Gacha system costs too much Lumamber