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First Impression on Girl Cafe Gun —— A Unique Combination of Cafe and Battleground
Updated: September 10, 2021

First Impression on Girl Cafe Gun —— A Unique Combination of Cafe and Battleground

Girl Cafe Gun is an ARPG developed by BILIBILI. Yesterday, it released the global launch in 132 countries. It’s a long-awaited game by plenty of players, especially anime fans. The game has a minimum device requirement, for Android players, make sure your device has been updated to Android 5.0 with at least 3.5 GB storage available.

Girl Cafe Gun
Girl Cafe Gun

About this game Write your own story in the wounded world.

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Watch the official trailer below to take a brief look at the game.


Girl Cafe Gun has vibrant settings and character designs. All the characters are generated by the Live2D technology. The beautifully portrayed characters and up to 60 hours of top-notch voice acting have consisted of a rich storyline. It'd be an enjoyable game experience.

Girl Cafe Gun Review

In the game, you'll be the manager of the girls.  The characters are divided by rarity. They have different personalities, combat skills, and abilities. Your job is to recruit the characters and form a well-arranged team for future battles or the daily operations of the Cafe.

By completing daily tasks, you'll get abundant rewards that can be used to level up the characters which will raise your team's overall strength.

Girl Cafe Gun Review


There are two main settings in the Girl Cafe Gun, one is the Cafe and the other is the Battleground.  In the Cafe, you can make coffee and help with decorations. The better your Cafe is decorated, the higher the Cafe's comfort value would be. It brings you higher incomes and faster mood recovery.

Girl Cafe Gun Review

Plus, you can date the characters. It's a special bonding system by Girl Cafe Gun. Their affection levels can be upgraded by gifting, interacting, training, or fulfilling their wishes. As the character's affection grows, more props will be rewarded to you and further storyline will be unlocked. Besides, it helps you to learn more about your characters, so that you deploy them in better positions of the team.

Girl Cafe Gun Review

When you have to fight against evil, it's a totally different vibe. The characters become the warriors who pick up the guns and go on the battlefield. You are allowed to pick up 3 members to fight with you. Your goal is to defeat the enemies while keeping yourself from getting harmed.

Girl Cafe Gun Review

Game Controls

Girl Cafe Gun's game controls are very smooth. While shooting, the targets are locked automatically in a normal attack. If you want to use different combat skills which are more powerful, you'll have to personally aim at the enemies. Auto-combat mode will be unlocked after Chapter One Level 6.

Girl Cafe Gun Review

On the left side, it's the movement joystick for controlling the characters, and the attack buttons are on the right corner. Worth mentioning, in this game, you can not only control a single player but multiple players at one time, it's pretty tricky.

Girl Cafe Gun Review

The normal attack is constant, fast-speed, and smooth. Aside from normal attacks, special skills require time to prepare for launching, and they are usually more powerful that help you to win faster. After each victory, you'll be rewarded with props and EXP.


Overall, Girl Cafe Gun is a great combination of casualty and passion. You go on the battlefield to beat up the devil, then you go back to the coffee house to take a break. This game will be widely accepted not only by anime fans, but also common players who are simply looking for a great game.

Girl Cafe Gun Review

Game Elements 7.0
Graphics & UI 8.0
Storyline 7.0
Controls 9.0
Overall Score 7.8


Smooth Game Controls

Outstanding character designs

Fresh game concept


The storyline is sometimes lengthy

May contain suggestive or mild-blood content

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