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Upcoming: Physics Game Slime Labs 2 Coming Soon to iOS and Android
Updated: March 9, 2022

Upcoming: Physics Game Slime Labs 2 Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Slime Labs
Slime Labs

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The sequel to Slime Labs will be coming soon in March, according to its developer Neutronized. Follow the news to see more detailed content.

Brief Introduction to Slime Labs

Neutronized released a physics flash game, Slime Labs, whose character is a big green blob green pet with wide googly eyes.

Owing to its gravity game setting, Slime Labs seems more difficult than other idle games personally. The game has a ton of levels with different and unexpected actions, such as shrinking or expanding in size, splitting itself in two, squishing down to squeeze through tight passages, and that type of thing.

Slime Labs 2

What’s new in Slime Labs 2?

From the info shown on Official Site, Slime Labs 2 will be coming on App Store, and then on Google Play. Click here to Pre-order!

Slime Labs 2 is a physics based platformer where you control a blob of green ooze that can squish, stretch, shrink, and attack enemies using its sticky tongue. Besides, players can explore a laboratory full of traps and critters lurking in the dark.  Try your best to collect all the data-disks hidden in the levels and perfect all the stage. 

What’s more, in Slime Labs 2, new features like slime customization and new game mechanics will be added. Players can put on adorable clothes for their green heroes.

Slime Labs 2

Download Slime Labs

Let’s download Slime Labs to experience the classic physics game! Here are some casual and arcade game under the same developer. You can also subscribe to Official Twitter.

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