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Tales of Luminaria is Available for Pre-Registration
Updated: September 30, 2021

Tales of Luminaria is Available for Pre-Registration

A newcomer of the 25-year-old "Tales of" series, Tales of Luminaria has recently opened its pre-registration on Sep 24, 2021. Here's a little preview of the epic RPG game expected to be released globally on Dec 31, 2021. The production for its animation was also announced in its first video content, “Tales of Luminaria Show #1”. Check out the trailer below to take a look at the game.


Enter the world of anime games! This is a JRPG with an epic storyline.

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What are the "Tales of" series?

Tales of Luminaria

The whole series is based on a fantasy world. Judging by the name, we could tell it's a series of stories. The stories' main idea is"Encounters that change the world", it's centered on adventure, growth, and the connections between the characters. Each game in the series shares a big amount of similarities, yet has its own sense of charm which has continuously attracted new players to join the beautiful journey. But how did the series survive from the other endless new RPG games? It's because it never stops bringing in new elements and activities, such as fan events, new properties, and so on.

Brief Introduction of Tales of Luminaria

Main Characters

In Tales of Luminaria, 21 protagonists meet, clash over opposing justice, forge bonds, and grow as people. Your job is to play through each character's journey to reveal their motivations and uncover deeply hidden truths behind world events in a deep, layered narrative.

Tales of Luminaria


The overall gameplay of Tales of Luminaria isn't tricky or difficult, it's basically tapping and flick controls. During the battles, each character has different skills based on personalities and identities. They stay loyal to different faiths, Jerle Federation, Gildllan Empire, or Adventurers. Characters from the same group share a strong bond.

Tales of Luminaria

Each of them lives their life following the path that they believe in. Difficulties or surprises come from time to time, but they grow and learn as we all do. Why don't you join them in the challenging yet meaningful journey, meet with various characters and get to know their lives? When you're playing, you'll trigger each character's perspective and unlock more of the story. That's one of the best parts of the game.


If you're interested in trying out an epic anime RPG, or you've played the games of the "Tales of" series, Tales of Luminaria is recommended. For more information, check out their official website or Twitter.

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