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Rappelz Online Mobile Version Now Up for Pre-Registration
Updated: October 27, 2021

Rappelz Online Mobile Version Now Up for Pre-Registration

The classic Rappelz Online is coming on mobile soon and has opened the pre-registration for anyone interested, it's one of the best MMORPG ever launched on PC. Former players who've played it can soon see it on mobile devices, both iOS and Android will be available. Now, players can pre-register for Rappelz Mobile Online.


An Epic MMO RPG Adventure: Explore a Stunning Open World in this MMORPG Game.

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The game is a full-featured 3D mobile MMORPG setting in a medieval fantasy world. We'll walk you through the basic gameplay and some of the game characteristics.

Rappelz on PC

Rappez Online Mobile Pre-Registration

Developed by nFlavor and GalaNet, Rappelz soon became a big hit right after 2006's launch. Rappelz is an MMORPG, players can create different characters, raise pets, have PvP battles. What's so good about Rappelz is that it has no discrimination, there is no VIP System, Auto-lock, or Gender Lock. Now, it's coming on mobile with better game settings. We expect the good aspect will be inherited. 

Rappelz Online Mobile

Since it's a remake of the PC version, the mobile shares tons of similarities with the original version, but with improvements in multiple aspects. 

Rappez Online Mobile Pre-Registration

First of all, the mobile version will be launched supporting better visual effects, we can expect it since it's coming 15 years after the PC version. The basic gameplay will remain the same, but players will be given more things to do on a bigger map. For example, there will be tasks like fighting orcs, skeletons, or dragons in the dungeons, etc.

Rappez Online Mobile Pre-Registration

What's more, the pet system is worth mentioning as well. The fun part is that whenever a monster is defeated, players can choose to keep it as a pet. There are many breeds of monsters in the game, like Unicorns, Sirens, White Dragons, Harpies, and so on. Players not only raise the pet but also cultivate them to be stronger to accompany the players in the battles as reinforcement. We advise you to learn more about the pet system and use them wisely in the battles.

Pre-Register for Now

We are not certain about the official launch date of Rappelz Online Mobile, but we're hoping to see it soon. Pre-Registration is available, pre-register now and stay tuned.