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PUBG MOBILE 1.8——Enjoy New Matchmaking System with Spider-Man
Updated: January 14, 2022

PUBG MOBILE 1.8——Enjoy New Matchmaking System with Spider-Man


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Hey, how to engage in exhilarating battles with Spider-Man at weekends? PUBG MOBILE 1.8 goes live today, of which download size is 1.73GB on iOS and 710MB on Android. The highlights are the new matchmaking system for ranked and unranked modes, new cycle season, new royal pass month and UI improvements. 

Ranked and Unranked Modes

From 12th January to14th February, players will be able to pick between two unique modes. That being said, when selecing Classic Mode, you can set the map to either "Erangel-Spider-Man" or "Livik-Spider-Man" and then help Spider-Man to defeat kinds of mosters which have invaded Erangel.

PUBG Mobile 1.8

PUBG Mobile 1.8

Bronze, Platinum and Diamond Tier

Unranked mode includes classic mode, arena mode and other modes. Plus, under unranked mode, its match results will not affect rating points.

Aside from that, ranked and unranked classic mode both count towards BP mission and Achievement Progress. While in battles, bronze tier up to platinum tier can freely team up together. Diamond tier and above can only team up with those within two full tiers of each other.

PUBG Mobile 1.8

Classic Mode Improvements

The classic mode improvements feature new supply shop, new recall mechanic, basic mechanic improvements and hit maker feature. More info about the third feature will be introduced below.

At first, players can enter vending machines or supply shops at any time on the battlefield. When shops are close, players will be notified automatically. For new recall mechanic, players will be provided with a chance to return to the battlefield if they visit the recall tower and recall their teammates. Hit maker feature means, whenever players hit towards an enemy, a mark will be placed in the direction of the enemy after enabling this new feature.

PUBG Mobile 1.8

Basic Mechanics Improvements

- Added a feature that allows players to continue swimming in a near-death state, but their swimming speed will be reduced.

- Added the Hit Marker feature: After this is enabled, whenever a player or a teammate hits an enemy, a marker is automatically generated where they are hit.

- Added a map marker feature that can be used during the jump phase. When this is enabled, tapping the map during the jump phase will place a mark there directly and make a pillar of light appear at the location.

- Added an auto-jump feature. After this is enabled, players will automatically jump in the direction of a marker that has been placed on the map.

PUBG Mobile 1.8

New Rewards

Players who install the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update between 12th and 18th January 2022 will also receive the following rewards:

  • 3000 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Aureate Assassin Helmet (3d) ×1

And Exclusive PUBG MOBILE Redeem Code:  CAAGZBZPUH 

    - Silver × 5
    - Classic Crate Coupon Scrap × 5
    - Jungle Ranger Set (1d) 
    - Jungle Ranger Mask (1d) 
    - Jungle Ranger - PP-19 Bizon (1d)

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